Wednesday, February 18, 2009

designs are not dead

to all fellow designers,
are you doing what you like to do everyday?

have you start to feel bored, tired of what u're doing everyday?
like a routine, you drag yourself to work, and produce things you don't really fancy, satisfied.

and at the end of the day,
you start questioning yourself alot,
and compare, your work in college and your work now.
as for my case, i'm pretty glad i can design freely (bcuz it's not client based)
what i do is for youths, so everything is pretty alright!

and we complain how peanuts we earn isn't enough for us big spender. ( u must be nodding your head)
and, we always wanted freelance, don't we?
now there's a chance for anyone of you out there to sell your design,
and yes, you might win a macbook if your design is winning design!

you just need to design laptop case,
is time to play around with designs! hehe

don't worry if you didn't win the prizes,
you still be able to sell your designssss by register urself as a hydraskin artist(just like a freelance artist), submit your designs anytime you have new designs (laptop, phone, ipod, psp or any gadget skin), and get paid for each time your design is sold!

*hydraskins is for individuals who wants their gadgets protected & 'pimp'. You can purchase the skins, or customize your own design too! As for now, run and take part in the laptop skin design competition first!

closing date is 1 May 09.
so much time for us, great!

Monday, February 16, 2009

my muscle ain't aching since yesterday's work out session. i have not done jogging for a year? or more?
hehe. but it feels good, i felt my blood pumping!

perhaps, i know where my limit is, i don't overwork something/ everything and tire myself.
when you stretch yourself over your limit, you ache even more. i feel absolutely nothing now. healthy!

.on another note.
mommy can you please stop nagging about me? :'(
oh, can't help, my impression to you is like that, sigh
but i'm controlling!!!