Sunday, April 29, 2007

wish u on msn already, but still must wish u here again, wish ur wishes come true, watever is ur wishes are,okay? *shh...i just dowanna shout-out ur secret wishes* by the way, seeing you getting angel and more angel day by day somehow makes me feel u really are a good friend. yeap, altho we nvr spend much time together, and i kenal u not long somore.but i felt this term we-the-gang really get together so much better than last term!! cherish this friendship alot yea angel ivy :)

i only got 2 pics edditted for ivy's pre-bday dinner goes!
they dowanna show their blardy face to de cam!! lansi anot, u judge urself! HA
the birthday girl ivy! so dark at de corner barely see u!
its okay, we still lov u afterall!

guys..learn frm us.haaha.dont lansi when it comes to grp pix kay? gerakan awak merosakkan gambar kumpulan! erm.ok jz wanna type some malay,no other meaning.kalau awak masih buat macam ni, aku biar awak meresap ke udara! ENUF of malay typing.
to sum up, thx ivy for de great night!

besides de bday post, i got alot in my mind recently.its all bout myself n surroundings.
when u are in college, ur TUGAS-assignments is ofcuz need to complete.
when u are done now, which means holiday, felt relief at first, but u have tones of NEW TUGAS
and when ur papa give u TUGAS, but u have another more important/ cannot dont do kinda TUGAS in hand, u fail to accomplish the TUGAS ur papa direct.
and then, mr papa blame u as a bad daughter...
so, tmr, i will follow the tugas given to me, n shut his mouth.
and being de youngest daughter is nvr easy, and fattest.ahh.also the hardest to gain trust and hardest to please the folks.i fulfill the TUGAS but they still wanna yell at me.n refuse to listen to my opinion. im rebellious bcuz u never consider hearing me,okay?
When u think bout it, life is about completing all sorts of TUGASAN. if u dont do ur tugas well, u have got to face obstacles....and those obstacles, block you from completing another tugas...
completing tugas is what keep us moving and a homosepian.

Monday, April 16, 2007

super random boh liow post

i am feeling sleepy
i am facing my lappie in kitchen.
i am drinking vegood purple carot :taste: too sweet :/
i am cisin
i am listening to cancer by MCR.abby: i love this song so touching can tear :''(
i am so stupid i dont know which is de switch for aircond
i am gonna GO BACK TO WORk because my itunes no longer palying cancer.
what is your feeling at this moment?
u think i wanna know jz too bored.