Saturday, December 30, 2006

overslept=my biggest issue for now

I failed to answer and reply whenever my phone rings. JUST because im not as responsible as last time. I realise im so bad especially from the last presentation day. and during holiday to meet up with college mates and also another day i meet up with old buds.

IM FEARFUL NOW. dare not promise to meet anyone on owez late.for 2 hours:my record.
whatever hang-out plans, i cannot put myself into whole100-percent-happy mode simply bcuz i dont even trust myself. i hope to get a proper loud alarm clock. if possible change my phone with a good loud speaker.
NO.i dont blame on my phone volumn+i dont have money to get a better phone.
my enemy is myself.jz havto pinch my elbow.
and friends, if i cannot make it on any outings, i apologize.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

singapore eat & shop trip

Had lotsa loTSa fun Eating and walking and eat and walk and walk in this trip.lotsa lame joke too, but lame jokes made us all laugh. Damn happy!

Okay, me n mom n sisters stayed in Choa Chu Kang @ my uncle's hse. there are 2 more Chu Kangs which is LIM Chu Kang and YEO Chu Kang BUT THERES NO PUA CHU KANG. PCK only exist on TV. It takes me 45minutes on MRT to reach orchard road each trip. This is tiring, there are so many people u cant get a seat once u got into it. orchard road is terribly pack it feels like no one stays at home except the old ones. At orchard rd station.ppl got out and queue towards the exit. (feels like 7th month when the helldoor open) haha..thats the first thing comes to my mind offence kay.

Lots of pictures to share with u all, Have fun browsing! wasnt in most of pics shown.coz im the photographer.
The old Railway station is where we toke the coach to SG. Its very rare i wake up early and see the morning sun which is the best time to snap pics, and i love this british look railway station.
Jen gets mad when i post her nerdy pic HAHA! but i havto post it sorry yah *evil laughs*

Arrived at sg around 3. then head to CCK and walked to lot1 to ahve dinner.thaifood and that was first time i meet my 2nd cousin.nt that close wanla.after that straight to orchard rd. to see lights. xmas deco!
Thats all for DAY1 !

DAY2 and 3 and 4 is about the same. just hang around at takashimaya, paragon, wisma atria, vivo all i can is the FOOD is DELICIOUS but boutiques are usual. just that they have Pull and bear which is very Zara-ish. Gas-expensive jeans.and so-on ntg really cheap there though unless you earn sing dollar and spend there lar.....then is bloody cheap! you can get gloria jeans coffee for $2 and giordana tanktop for$8. clothes easily under 50.BUT the house is hard to afford la ofcoz. well, life is never easy isn't it?
*and the departmental stores there have lots pretty home deco and stuff.much more choices than us here.lifeless kl!*

just some random shots when we are 'boh liao' it means 'ntg to do' in hokkien.presenting uncle ying ming who sits beside my mom. dai yi on the right.
left JEN/LI rightThey couldn't stop eating. i forgotten where is this restoran located but the wantan mee and other food very ajinomoto-ed.thats me, jen and cousin Brendan. his younger brother go to Bali at the same time. He never follow because he thought BALI GOT BOMB! *LOL* and he's obsessed with this coffee shop: 亚坤 aka YA KUN iced coffee. they tarik the coffee and so its texture is damn good! slurp
miss it man!! cant get it here :( MISS IT!!! (although i like the local ipoh white coffee kopitiam)
and its red in color! more cheerful too!
oh yah.and the bold man is uncle ngok where i tumpang tinggal when im there.

on the left is ucle ngok min's wife. taiwan lady i called her ah sao. and my cousin in a traffic judge. respect ahah.he treat us dimsum at '翡翠' jade stg...owh i miss the dimsum there.very tasty! and the judge ordered so much for us bcuz we had ya kun for breakfast and we go for this lunch just after we reached vivo city. so full i almost burst!
very nice croc's window display at vivo! loving the colouful polka dots! *mary jane collection*

logo.i left out the stalk n leave. the dots represent the flower.paiseh
Thats all for this trip. there are more place to discover actually. hope to visit there again soon! ciao!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

smile all !!

Shopping malls are so pack cuz of DECember n xmas. i dont like many ppl.
But am going to SG on friday! its been a decade since my last visit there! so kinda xmas there is more happening than here! :)

Merry merry merry merry merry holiday+ xmas to all of you! cheers!

p/s: i spend all my time with my family, so friends, wats our plan?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

dead or alive

1st day of hol. feels great.i talk alot. i can relax finally :) feel like flying....well..jz came back frm ikea..then...have fun with sis least im not bored to death lar..end of the year hol still the best afterall !!!!

Yesterday after presentation, got home and felt really more burden BUT it feels like so weird that i have no project/ass to work on late nite.LOL.kinda use to busy mode.
So, basically just having lots of TALKING.

Dead or alive, thats my main topic i mentioned i got ntg to do after got n my 3 sis went mamak for a drink. as we got back to the car and at the first junction.....we discovered something STRANGE...........

Thats how the story begun.....we saw a man(25-35) year old malay man, lying in the car with weird position and face he is dead.
No joke, he looked like no nafas...we freak out and got home....cuz my eldest sis INSIST to watch Wah lai toi movie. drop her and Jen n Zi decided to go another round to check him out...whether he is still there or not........hiakhiakkkk

Then, as we reach....HE IS STILL THERE!!!!! FREAK US OUT OF HELL
I honk many times...and shine my lights on him but NO reaction....with that same FREAKING so scary man....warn you guys....

Then, if we never report this to the polis....WE CANT SLEEP !!! his posture will haunt us forever! so, report polis...guess what they said 'Nanti saya pergi check ya'
OMG, u're not sure that man is alive or dead and u still so calm saying later only go check ar???? wow...malaysia boleh....

At the end...when we went over the 3rd time...the polis motor is gone...and the van is gone too
well, at least I dont think i was wrong for reporting this incident to polis...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

nothing is easy

It is so strees my stomach ache again
It is so stress i don't know what i should i do now
It is so stress i only can blog
It is so stress i talk less
It is so stress i cant laugh
It is so stress i dont go any shopping or movies
I just yawn and frown and yawn again and again again again

Read weng yan's blog just now.What she mentioned was cant turn back time and we are no longer a small naif kid. So much confusion.u dont know who you will be in the next 10, 20 years. miss her alot too. i was naif back then, ntg to worry...
but i have no choice. I think im too pessimistic.

perhaps i take things too seriously?
perhaps i shall fool around and act dont-care?
perhaps im walking blindly now?

Im just a troublemaker to myself.

Monday, December 04, 2006

dont steal

Today is beginning of last week for the 5th term in college. Overall i'm in holiday mood already. (Might be going singapore if ntg goes wrong.) . So today,David shared his China and Aussie slides with us. he said 'jiu zhai gou' is the most scenic place in china, with the waterfalls n clear and pretty lake.and u'll be fined 500 ren ming bi if u petik daun frm pokok,another 500 when dirty the water.
and curse you- some exhibitors frm a country who steal the best 5 waterfall pics my lecturer toke. I just hate them more and more.
Evils are everywhere, they are so not holy. they are SO low grade.big disgrace!
As for australia trip, he toke awesome pics at melbourne too! love his pictures especially i went to that place b4, and now i saw what David toke. So skillful and passionate he is for bringing tripod everywhere and spend so much time on taking a picture. Well, i'm just impressed. Let's see what i can take for the coming trips. So bored of KL.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

lose focus

Well, a little lose focus, not entirely :) after having 2 glass french wine, n another autralian wine
ahhaha... mild ones i can accept, not KAO pls (drink while having a 80th bday-aunt's mom)..i nevr finish the 4th glass, i surrender hahaha.

Ntg else for now, bye all. :D