Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is for us! Finally i got time to edit and post this up:) YAY! Cherish our friendship and how silly we are in public. haha!
Love our tinkerbell necklace :)
There are more to come, kan?
super enjoy spending time with this girlie girl best friend of mine.XOXO for you!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

She is not-so a writer still.
So, let her be, she doesn't care or couldn't care much if everyone misunderstood her point,
she finally know how to write 'about me'.
what she wants in life,
the importance of true essence of quality, and keep demanding for more, who's being truthful and who's not.
she walked pass her art school 10 years back on one recent day, reminiscence about the days she was safe under her comfort zone,
3 years back,
she has been exploring.
and now,
sharing her stories,
feel what her friends felt,
understand what people are trying to tell me,
and finally jumped out from her wonderland.
found what truly makes her happy.
she'll keep writting her 'about me',
and wishes,
her love ones truly, genuine be their own author of themselves,
and share it with people around themselves.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something bodoh over here. ahhaa, not like i'm too free to do it but my lecturer sorta ask us to do it with our final project submition on tomorrow! not like i gler minat daniel wu but this movie is what comes to my head straight if you ask me to montage me in it..haha. so, advertising storyboard due tomorrow. Annual report due next Thursday and Friday presentation on design management and i'm done with college! i'm allowing myself to have FUN and stress for the last week ok? we say time flies kan? fly fasterrr please!! can't wait to attend sis convo in Sydney and do everything anything whatever anywhere i want!!
current mood : anticipation and excited. bye readers!
EDIT : My sister is 30 Today ahhaha Happy Birthday to Heong:) My most fussy, tasteful sister and sarcastic sister!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pardon my previous post as i found out the situation already so i'm feeling all good now. Today had a talk with mom about what i'm gonna do later after i graduate. It was nice talking cuz i finally understand something...gosh can't believe she thinks for my future too! lovely. She is being so supportive today...aww...i almost drop my tears for the first time. My daddy too, can't believe both my parents said such things today. I felt love~! I love my family and my close friends soooo much! Okay, done expressing my love. back to work!