Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today, i actually followed/ tail a car to go out the carpark.
wuahahah so kan cheong you can ask abbytai cuz that was her idea.
*Credits to original idea from Henry the classmate.
byes* workload kills larrr

Monday, March 17, 2008

Yuet leng, this post is for you~ since you say so long never have updates (:
Well i know lar this is super old thing, but yea i never post this anywhere else before so i post it here for you to see now, haha.

The picture below i think is during yevon's bday?
another will be wengyan's bdayAs friends are turning 21year old one by one, somehow feels like dunno how to describe ur feelings u know...we are all soon gonna graduate and work, okay i'm the only one never work before but come to think of it, out topic is all about studies and future plans already... chatted with wengyan today and she asked me when i'm gonna start working....gosh, u see u SEE! sigh, i can't even assure that i can graduate bcuz i had a bad feeling i couldn't...ohyea and i'm flying off to Sydney on 27 april to attend my sister's convo. I hope i can just go to the beach there and surf..like what Daniel said haha. I am looking forward to my future life and to step away from college...very much. Oh, life is great still.