Thursday, July 26, 2007


here is pictures of Ginger! (afta my long dissapear in blogger) here I come again! hehe
It's very difficult to shoot her cuz she runs away when I hold my cam! so must use tricks! the trick this lil tricky doggie.xoxo. I've read about wengyan's lost dog due to some lungs desease failure.and my opinion is the petshop owner is really again i remind u all to know every single detail eg:where is the breeder from, the dog's parents, and the health record!! i hereby wish everyone live healthy with ur doggies,and happily!

Hop to another topic.obsession. My life is like keep changing certain obsession...i dont know why i cant stay with my obsession, my passion. I seem to know very little thing of everything, but i never go dig into it. I call it an obsession if u dig a hole on a ground deeper n deeper and u know what ru looking for in the end. shallow hole?
as for some certain things, i rather leave it there, not to dig it to mess the end, u haveto find ways too replace it again.
Just be focus, and create my own obsession that last long.