Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is what happens when.......
a spider meet another spider at the same spiderweb.
call us spideyyyy!
i love photoshop
a lil bit obsessed i can say.
i even give lesson to my another spidey kawan.
so that we'll feel time flies.
she's a nice spidey, i likey

on the other hand, just reminder to myself
*smack myself first*
1. I must ask alot of question this time (otherwise i'll be dead)
2. stop being ignorant.just ask and ask and ask.
3. sleep earlier.pls.

just wanna slide on rainbow, not spiderwebs
alot mixed up feelings, a lil emo. sorry.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

love malaysian band. They are getting better and better! One Buck Short is still my ringing tone and now i'm loving Estrella! ahah. get to know this band from fly fm campur chart, they are first this week! very soothing style, love it. JUST GO YOUTUBE-kan Estrella yea people :) and i rather hear 100times estrella on radio than simple plan, when i'm gone.seriosly cannot understand why is that song a hit. i love you, Estrella! i love malaysian production :)
Interview was ok... i'm confusing myself once again...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The above is my mama in white shirt, say Hi to auntie before proceed reading pls.lol!!
I'm here blogging with hyper mood again. I have got something to share to you guys, about pictures to Sydney, i don't know when i'll post them haha. But of course i will start with naik kapal terbang pics dulu. We sisters had fun like restless girls on the plane. Take note it's a night flight. I think we giggle sampai irritates other passengers? ahha, whatever it is. I love taking pics with macbook's photo booth! I know i have facebooked these, but i still wanna write cuz it makes me feel damn happy, can?I photoshop her straight on plane cuz i kenot tahan her sepet eyes . smokey eyes looks better.
I call her Heong, she calls me Li :) Zi & Li Mirror effect. I think this one damn gaya lor. macam spider makan me.
damn scary kan? my eldest monster sister.This is a better picture of her :) cool one!
and this one, like some character or wat, i don't know but we laughed had a good laugh at the cermin mata!
The 2 above are CREEPY. It feels so real like someone look like this do exist! ahahah. That's fugly me if you doubt who's that. Friggin'

next, I have ME in fisheye effect!in fish's eyes, Ningli become so round. Fishes sure likey me i tell you, i look so cute in their eyes.lol! Boo! and byes. had enough laugh, people?

p.s: good luck to myself for this and next week.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time to earn some bucks. Small bucks or huge bucks, still yet for me to decide. When i realize small bucks are nuts, then i will switch. Because i have this wish. It's the Miss Marc Tote. OMG, i'll work to get you! I still remember i told everyone I'll spend my 1st salary on this particular brand, but the Owl Marc is my ex-wish. OMG I love you and you and you. I have to many wish lists. However i'll just keep the rest to myself lah.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I AM SO damn hyper nowadays. Who's gonna cool me down? need some beer to cool me down you hear that???? hahaha, just jokes don't worry! Not here to tipu beer minum lar but im gonna post about my genting trip on*checks calender*.......23rd, 24th April 2008. Had fun in themepark ONLY the second time we masuk coz the first time...u know...alot of those people.EHEM. damn skunk mereka semua. Then, me n belle gone mad when we see so many gashapon machines! We just love the anticipation and it's just damn syiok. WE GOT THE SAME TOY AGAIN. but the other time is she got a prince, PRINCE omg! but i got some unknown thingy i don't know what is that. BIAR. The best part is of course...............beer session! we were laughing our ass off. ALMOST fell lah no jokes! I can say this was the first trip after finals, so we were so damn high. The feeling is just too good, feeling relief and really crazy!!

we were having...
until we...hehe..I have to say my camera is not bad at all!! my baby sonyE k550i rocks. Sin Ee, i post alot recently due to my hyper-ness. BUT, I SHALL GO TO BED NOW-_-.miss you too.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

damn happy.
not gonna show you so soon...continue scratching ur head until botak lah.

Friday, May 09, 2008

*Ehem* i am forced to post this to satisfied this friend of mine. I got prove that you force me somore. So don't say you are innocent. Nah, you see YOU SEE! muahahahah
Lucky i still have some drawings. I don't know if you consider marker rendering as drawings lar. My old drawings still left in old house. I need to go get them!
This is semi-finished marker

finished marker

finished marker-my markers, everyone's are ALL dried up before graduate, and now we can bye to them! but...but, ng seh tak gehhh....

Last night's party at Maison was really gooooood!!! i see alot of faces i see in college, this is probably the last time i see so much of them together at a party. Definately will miss them and wish them best luck for future and what's more imprtant is a HAPPY JOURNEY to all of them! Hugs!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I will be uploading my portfolio *hopefully more to come* on my blog when i had done the touch ups. here's some first.
and for some particular reasons i post this up otherwise i can't sleep. So, here goes :)

Alright I will start with my packaging design for 'Herbal & fruit organic tea infusion' targeted to the hip and cool young adults. 4 flavours all together: chamomile, lemon & ginger, raspberry & echinacea and blueberry, ginseng & vanilla.This was done during the 2nd year.
*the tea leafs STILL not yet dispose and will NEVER be disposed, wonder will i get diarrhea
if i drink them* :/

Next is: Advertising campaign3 on promoting Star Movies on Astro.
-The Sun wrap-around Ad on movie: Final Destination 2.
-Front page as teaser creating as if it's a real tragic highway accident happened.

Child's Play ambient Ad. Still remember there is a scene where chucky holds a knife on his hands hiding in a toy shop trying to kill the boy while the boy is looking for chucky? There would be real kid acting to create the ambient ad and chucky outside the toy box, to remind the crowd to catch the show on Astro Star Movies.

Chucky says goodnight to whoever reading this now. Wuahahahaha!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

HELLO Friends! some updates for you guys! I'm just graduated from The One Academy, i'm right now waiting for my convo which will be in September this year. SO friends, i'm FREE from college already! I've been spending exact 3 years in TOA. I've learned so much and i AM missing my college already. Hard to believe yea cuz i'm always the one whinning to u guys those sleepless nights and when really bad stuffs happened to me. BUT, somehow berat hati to leave college environment u know, and the people, yea, they are great, somehow. I will remember everything from good to BAD, which i really thankful that I know what and where i'm heading to. Till now, blessed that i don't feel any regrets at all. Whatever critiques on my work from lecturers, friends. Those are the things i really appreciate. It is even amazing when a lecturer sees through your personality through your work, it'll always be a reminder for me on how should i do things. I've also learned to appreciate my close friends more, they are the ones complete me and stand on by my side all the time, love you guys! As for now, i'll be looking for a part time and at the same time spare some time polishing my portfolio, put them nicely and go for interviews when i'm all ready. oops, i still have pictures of Genting, Sydney & graduation launching night's pics to look back and hopefully to edit and post them up here. By the way, i'm ADDICTED to TRAVELING! It is just so relaxing and Satisfying! :) Alright, updates till here. batch55 is having a PARTY TOMORROW! wooHOO!!!

One pic before i go! :D