Friday, September 19, 2008

I need some updates, i knowwwwww ( replying to WayWen, this is my update so see when i'll so your tag okay, haha). Yupe, done my first project, Project GOssip. Check out the blog to know more alright. GOssip with a cause is an awareness campaign among youth, about social welfare issues. Come over to SS15-Asia Cafe-Taylor's to look for me if you are supporting GOssip aight! I'll be there for whole 3days there. Come come people!!!


and, I have invited all my friends to come over to support the cause, to the Street Party. ( Sin ee, hope u can join me the next campaign!) You can get the tickets from me too, jz msn/call/sms/email me okay?


Okays, tmr convo rehearsal, pati at Belle's house at night.
BUTTTTTTTT Amanda leaving for UK, i'll miss you my good buddy, u're among the nicest person i've met in college, in life. Do update me about u when u get there, and get us beer with nice packaging too haha, best luck to you! Miss me+ toa friends!