Wednesday, December 26, 2007


and i think with the existance of facebook, i hardly blog here anymore, all pix will be uploaded there, simply bcuz it's much easier!
so, add me there!
cu guys there eheh:)

Monday, December 24, 2007

awesome holiday

well well well............
basically it started off after submission of KTM....ohyea i still remember the crazy overnite at kfc.WUUEEK to joseph.yea.u girls know i mean.haha.So, went home and sleep like dead tired until next morning, and so my wonderful holiday has begun! pics tell the best lar hehe.*winks*the crowd

cck part of cck club membersthe friends proper picture of friendspopo. Elizabeth? hahasisters

Low & Tee family.the kahwin sister.aka mrs sunny low:)weddingband
another one with different flowerregistration room.daddy the witnesshappy eesiongthey got it! pray and offering sessioni help myself in shooting, too.happily everafter :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

my daemon

Heres's my daemon. I have watched this movie and it gave me a headache. I would say the setting is pretty but after i watch its like....'erm, so?' thats about it, we're all individuals with different daemon that makes us, us?? haha. mine is a cute one.
u guys also can vote if u think it's true, but i think it's bloody true.ahha
happy holidays:)

Friday, October 26, 2007

I was thinking what to blog minutes ago but couldnt think of any to blog until i receive a call from Lui Suit Yeng. I feel very blessed to have a bestie like her.
Really cheer me up when i stressing myself thinking how to present tmr...and cope with projects and stuffs, but a lil gift at night is so cute don't you think?
hp3: this is memang a boost for me ahha.cuz im always hungry at nite!
-cherish Cherry- :) Can't wait to go genting with you!
U didn't know my shoutout in msn was 'desperately need a 360degree rollercoaster' bcuz I was too stress and we're going to genting.But i love cheesecake and delete that moody shoutout dah.hehe.Thankyou darldarl .*)pretty blueberry n it taste good too! sooooooo good can fat die.XD.i love the pretty box when i receive it.XOXO

Friday, October 19, 2007

I am bless that I have instinct.
and off i go doubtlessly...

Thursday, October 04, 2007

tagged by :the girl who makes me go lala!


- The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
- Has to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
- Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
- If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
- Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

1. gender of perfect lover. PERFECT MALE :))

2. handsome one.yeng one.maybe aussie style? ahha.overall mz be a lengzai!!

3. [lengzai, rich& famous] which i think i could only can continue to have a imaginary bf who has that 3 criteria. DREAM ON for my perfect lover,sobzzZz.drop tears! alfred-like!

4. Must not be turn off if i ffk kecil hati,no simpan rasa tak suka! dont like my decision voice out also means that he can sometime be emo and say it out rather than shut his probs rite? i can have a chance to manja also.wuahahaha.will I? hmmmm...

5. must be reachable when i need him for me to kacau, slow in reply turn me off most.but i dont expect him to bug me when im busy.well, i'll pity my perfect lover.xoxo

6. must be humorous, cute and must be oh-so-charming when he tells me stg interesting

7. able to listen to my prob, n motivate me.cuz im a damn emo guys turn me to me!

8. have same interest with me.attitude like me perhaps,like a guy side of me, my twin:) and must make me feel love all the time whether its 5am or 5pm!

wuakaka.this is another mission impossible.i hope my future imperfect bf wont have big contrast with this lo.
i rather tak mau if is this case, oh prince charming, where the heck are you?

im tagging my friends in my link list : ) all of you that havent done this before kay? love ya all.and hope u all find ur princess or prince :)

best wishes,
ningli de owl

Sunday, September 23, 2007

She champion kan? receive this email when i IM her on MSN asking why is she in busy mode. Cool answer i got tru mail instead of an IM. u see, people r getting more creative already n made me lol and printscreen it.

currently Addicted to :
& PRINTSCREEN & MOULIUNESS lucky not mooncake or any sorta cakes. Seeing a whole bdaycake or mooncake infront of you is very sinful, the zai-ness.burp~ mujur n' thk gd i felt sinful so i wouldnt keep eating like a barbarian.Happy BDay mommy. i got a pic of her cutting cake but i nvr transfer yet, told u im addicted to printscreen but not photo transfering using a card reader(u know de mafan-nessXD)

started using facebook afta being introduced by soonyee the biatch.thk him otherwise i dah bore die n wont be updating this silly blog.

due to 'not enough cash' factor, i cannot buy and decorate my room as how I want it to be. So i printscreen it and look at the cute terrier over there lying on a beanie. so Max okay. cuteness.other than it, i think the way i throw my bag n bottles on floor+ mag is jz plain me.perhaps im that messy:P okaylar.not enough money so i cant buy is time to get back to college work already, gotto put more effort in them.I hope i can do it.bless me!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

kena TAGGED!

-by bgurl Wengyan-

1.) Name one person who made you smile last night.
dad- supper @mcD made my stomach smile!

2.) What were you doing at 8:00 this morning?

3.) What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
sui yuet fong wan! my darl Alfred turn into comel wa zan bong! thx Belle for providing!

4.) What was something that happened to you in 2006?
ntg serious happened

5.) What was the last thing you said aloud?
WEI.shh@$%*&@# (cuz my sis singing so loud while im watching drama)

6.) How many different things did you drink today?
FU CHOK YI MAISS(2 places), water, teh o ice limao

7.) What color is your hairbrush?
Orange too wengyan~

8.) What was the last thing you paid for?

9.) Where were you last night?
answer in question 1.and home ofcoz.

10.) What color is your gate?

11.) Where do you keep your change?
suppose coin purse but i purse.and they drop evday.

12.) What is the weather like today?
28-34 celcius

13.) What is the best ice cream flavor?
greentea, jamoca, mints, vanilla. theres no BEST flavor greedy ok

14.) What is something you are excited about?
lengzais and MONEY LA!

15.) Do you want to cut your hair?
yes but wat style? short medium or long length?HELPpls?

16.) Are you over the age of 25?
im young pig

17.) Do you talk a lot?
when i see certain people or when im hyper

18.) Do you watch The O.C.?

19.) Do you know anyone named Steven?

20.) Do you make up your own words?
dont realise la.i misused some words only..

21.) Are you typically a jealous person?
not rellie

22.) Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "A".

23.) Name a friend whose name starts with the letter "K".

24.) Who's the 1st person on your received calls list?

25.) What did the last text message you received say?
it says....(im rellie mou liu ma..)n continues

26.) Do you chew on your straws?

27.) Do you have curly hair?

28.) Where is the next place you're going?
photo printing shop?

29.) Who is the rudest person in your life?

30.) What is the last thing you ate?
nasi lemak.FAT die lah

31.) Is marriage in your future?
the questions looks incomplete.btw,yes if i found one.

32.) What is the best movie you've seen in the past two weeks?

33.) What makes you pissed the most?
when my closest ones dont understand me

34.) Are you missing someone right now?
rite now? not.i just missed.:)

35.) Is there anything that you regreted?
agree wit wengyan.WHO DOESNT ar hello?

36.) Is there anyone you like right now?
just like, so why not?

37.) When was the last time you did the dishes?
la la la la :P

38.) Are you currently depressed?

39.) Did you cry today?
im gay tdy!

40). Why did you answer and post this?
dat bgurl TAGME

Tag 5 people who would do this survey:-
tag lalat and whoever wants it?

Thursday, July 26, 2007


here is pictures of Ginger! (afta my long dissapear in blogger) here I come again! hehe
It's very difficult to shoot her cuz she runs away when I hold my cam! so must use tricks! the trick this lil tricky doggie.xoxo. I've read about wengyan's lost dog due to some lungs desease failure.and my opinion is the petshop owner is really again i remind u all to know every single detail eg:where is the breeder from, the dog's parents, and the health record!! i hereby wish everyone live healthy with ur doggies,and happily!

Hop to another topic.obsession. My life is like keep changing certain obsession...i dont know why i cant stay with my obsession, my passion. I seem to know very little thing of everything, but i never go dig into it. I call it an obsession if u dig a hole on a ground deeper n deeper and u know what ru looking for in the end. shallow hole?
as for some certain things, i rather leave it there, not to dig it to mess the end, u haveto find ways too replace it again.
Just be focus, and create my own obsession that last long.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

HEY Great you guys with this picture.suppose to be scary alr...but i got comment from someone mean and teruk say i look like some 'low-cost malay horror movie eyh!!! HOW dare you say me that, but quite true lar..i felt taht too.just that i disagree with u! ahah
also got comment macam pontianak-_-
too syiok afta seeing lala n ab i just webcam it lar.

okay, cut the crap. back to college.feels quite good seeing familiar faces(yah u guys la who else!) and im quite happy for some reason.i dunno what's class-advertising campaign 1:lectured by Kins lee.he designed double-decker logo which i think is pretty cantik logo! But i dont buy double decker crackers la he need to do re-branding perhaps! my mind is filled with cheezels only.Well just hope to learn more from him!

Announcement: i lost carpark tic Twince a week. Lost a PAID TICKET!
i dont know how i hold or keep them while walking towards my car.teruk aku.i think i should just hold it with my gigi all de way to my car nex time.and im not joking!!

MOVIE today without ck haha.hope u dont bengang lar...we got ntg to do after class.'28 Weeks Later' i would say its a kan cheong movie.u wont fall asleep cuz its very bloodyish! i need more chi-kek movies to pump my heart once a while! SO,if u need some blood pumping.pls go for this movie! the flow n art direction is kinda cool tho! Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is de director.wheres he from? I seriosly can die so many movies coming and im so tak sabar i tell you.esp shrek3.okay.i shall be patient!!

Before i go.congrats to Wengyan and Anne the dancer lawyers! Gonna catch u on Channel V!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Ohkay, just having some fun while i cant sleep, it's 5.10AM!! excuse me for meaningless post but just trying out IPhoto. It is quite amazing mac software where u can drag in ur pics or album to it n select which to edit.u can crop, adjust contrast/brightness, colormood, blur/sharpness very quickly. I added wordings n brushes in photoshop though. But its quite fun to do this kinda boh liao things.BuT i still edit pix of Suityeng for ceo.gonna post her here after i edit.too many good shots of her dont know which to choose actually....
Alright, good nite to all!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

wish u on msn already, but still must wish u here again, wish ur wishes come true, watever is ur wishes are,okay? *shh...i just dowanna shout-out ur secret wishes* by the way, seeing you getting angel and more angel day by day somehow makes me feel u really are a good friend. yeap, altho we nvr spend much time together, and i kenal u not long somore.but i felt this term we-the-gang really get together so much better than last term!! cherish this friendship alot yea angel ivy :)

i only got 2 pics edditted for ivy's pre-bday dinner goes!
they dowanna show their blardy face to de cam!! lansi anot, u judge urself! HA
the birthday girl ivy! so dark at de corner barely see u!
its okay, we still lov u afterall!

guys..learn frm us.haaha.dont lansi when it comes to grp pix kay? gerakan awak merosakkan gambar kumpulan! erm.ok jz wanna type some malay,no other meaning.kalau awak masih buat macam ni, aku biar awak meresap ke udara! ENUF of malay typing.
to sum up, thx ivy for de great night!

besides de bday post, i got alot in my mind recently.its all bout myself n surroundings.
when u are in college, ur TUGAS-assignments is ofcuz need to complete.
when u are done now, which means holiday, felt relief at first, but u have tones of NEW TUGAS
and when ur papa give u TUGAS, but u have another more important/ cannot dont do kinda TUGAS in hand, u fail to accomplish the TUGAS ur papa direct.
and then, mr papa blame u as a bad daughter...
so, tmr, i will follow the tugas given to me, n shut his mouth.
and being de youngest daughter is nvr easy, and fattest.ahh.also the hardest to gain trust and hardest to please the folks.i fulfill the TUGAS but they still wanna yell at me.n refuse to listen to my opinion. im rebellious bcuz u never consider hearing me,okay?
When u think bout it, life is about completing all sorts of TUGASAN. if u dont do ur tugas well, u have got to face obstacles....and those obstacles, block you from completing another tugas...
completing tugas is what keep us moving and a homosepian.

Monday, April 16, 2007

super random boh liow post

i am feeling sleepy
i am facing my lappie in kitchen.
i am drinking vegood purple carot :taste: too sweet :/
i am cisin
i am listening to cancer by MCR.abby: i love this song so touching can tear :''(
i am so stupid i dont know which is de switch for aircond
i am gonna GO BACK TO WORk because my itunes no longer palying cancer.
what is your feeling at this moment?
u think i wanna know jz too bored.

Sunday, March 25, 2007's2am and i got a in house phone is ringing....i PURPOSELY DONTWANT to go downstairs to answer i thought if someone really looking for me will call my i assume is some prank or moului asshole. and i was right...i go get it the second time it rings...
one indiano..indiano means indian but it sounds better than indian.

indiano : ini mana?
ME : kamu siapa DULU. (IM PISSED CZ I DONT ANSWER HSE call me using tat)
indiano: kamu missed call me tujuhbelas kali!
ME : saya tak panggil sesiapa pun.TAK ADA.(heck! call u 17x u gimme goldbar arh?)
indiano: sini mana?
ME : sini cheras LAR(seriously too pissed cant avoid the LARH.i wanted to say hantu panggil u bukan saya BUT i wasnt in the mood to joke.)

I end this conversation very quickly it made me geram everytime i answer hsephone sure gilahantu yang calling.whathefuck AND HELL THAT TMNET HAS NOT FIX LINE AT NEW HSE! PROMISED TO COME ONE WEEK AFTER.yes is that long BUT also couldnt make it.
HOW TERUK U insufficient. yes, u suck!

*i dont repeat what i say, i wont change my mind after those words, i mean it, dont let me repeat my lines.*

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

For those who drive a car, i have a question here:
Do you think most Mercedez driver tend to drive very slowly and block the others at their back? They dont even know where to go sometimes. they are old and blur.

I have been noticing for months(well,i dont know since when) that everytime i see a mercedez infront of me, i think they drive in super slumber way, the gap space between his/her car with the front car is mega big. I dont know why they can be carefree they never rush for work or any occasion, they have infinity tolerance in driving. hassle-free mercedez driver.
That applies to my dad too.
and certain people drives certain car, with certain driving behaviour.

Okay this post ends here.I just need to type something for fun.
announcement: sinee has joined blogspot!! *jumps+Yays*

Thursday, March 08, 2007

brightbright MEME

Meme post is OVER! So don't get confuse with the title.(just pinjam title lar) Don't-know-what had strike me to edit pictures yesterday and today.both pictures in warm colour, needless to say bright colours do cheer me alot!
Nomore dull colours!
bright orange
is my current FAV

Bright tones, Bright Mood!

Warm summer colours for JEN!

Till here folks! gtg nap for awhile.
*at the same time DIE for Magazine*

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Yes, TAGGED by Karen, so here i come blogging. *since she is so sincere drop a msg at chatterbox so im willing to kena tag!* otherwise NOT in the mood for blogging due to recent mood-swing caused by constant troubles.

SIX weird things about me
ONE I hate to take short nap when i know the nap is not gonna enough for me. It is very bad for me to get up with 'tak cukup nap' moody face and be grumpy. It is bad i release tension on people when i woke up from nap Therefore i rather not nap sometimes and sleep earlier.I really did avoid evening nap on that period sometime ago.

TWO When i can't sleep at night. I go pee i drink water.YAH both of them are normal.
I think it's weird to stuck my mouth with my quilt. That is what I did to-melepaskan-geram. after some release, i get tired- and i let go my mouth-and proceed to my dream. :)

THREE I'm not weird i have ntg else to write already.maybe im weird because i hardly appreciate people around me? i hardly like someone.or love.

FOUR I hard to get along with weird people. i only be friends with people who act like me.maybe this is discrimination?

FIVE I don't talk when i got no mood. Don't assume u will make my day if you make me laugh coz myself only can switch my mood back to normal.

SIX i leave THIS for you to say about my weirdness. would be happy if i agree with what you say.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

OINKY Year of Pig

This week feel so relax, seems like i am having a new beginning! hope everything goes well and under control throughout the whole year! blessings to all my friends too, have a good year alrite!
*leng-chai-LG Lx40*
Introducing the crazy family.
All cousins here.
& the little kid behind is my nephew,Keith.
80+ year old popo still the cutest.
& we make the best CCK club.
open only once a year LOLX
All dress in red as cck theme.
the none-reds are exclusive ones.'they thought'

Saturday, February 24, 2007

tell me u hate me too!

GERAM! I warn you u can stop reading this cuz i'm gonna complain again. Well, bad things has passed is jz what u and me assume! This time my computer is playing hide n seek with me!! why again and again ada kena mengena dgn ku?

gonna LET IT ALL OUT here oredy Kenot tahan!!!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

lost dog. on lin30

Went back old house and was locking the door, I heard someone calling pepper... pepper...pepper....pepper is my my cousin's dog name so i know som1 is looking for a dog.ahha
and i'm here to help the girl look for the dog.Details as below:

Name: pepper
Breed: schauzer
*lost in Connaught-beside the hse with aeroplane. on lin30
*left ear fold down, right ear straight up
SO IF U SEE this dog with that ear please leave a comment here

hope some good citizen will bring Pepper home.real home i mean.
and please, if u found a dog, bring it to spca or paws, dont steal it.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Porkie year

HCNY to everyone!!! My post is abit late but hope u all dont mind.Just some updates here to fill up my blog.(haha i seldom update & i know it okay.apologize!)

So Im blogging THIS at my new house at bukit tiara,cheras.(stealing neighbour's wireless line evday XD) not my fault but this particular neighbour is too kind to unable'kan the network! GONG XI FA CHAI to this neighbour ahhaha.

-ofcoz first 2 Angpows are from DAD&MOM.happiness D:
- hit to popo hse to get the rest.and start CCK CLUB!(wuahahah,our very own gambling club open ONCE a it's very fun!)
-dinner at uncle's new house in subang SS18 aka new CCK branch HAHAS SYIOKNESS i TELL YA!
HAHAHAHHA + club open table session along with the winessssss
LAUGH UNTIL STOMACH CRAMP coz the drunkards starts talking unconciously aunties is too funny.

-went MV to buy tmr's steamboat 'liew' and had seafood dinner.spidercrab XD
-and now BLOGGING THIS FOR U FOLKS TO READ LARH URG+having wine again.

alot pictures taken on the 1st day.tdy lazy dy.
but cannot transfer yet coz my pc is at old hse.need to reformat n reinstore de software first! okay friends, HAVE FUN and KEEP ROCKING! wooohooooo!!


Thursday, February 08, 2007


yewchin the photographer of this picture dont even know she shot this pic, and asked where was i in this pic...guess what is that in the background(wall)?
it is the thing to support eggs u buy in absorb the sound because its bloody noisy in those room.where ppl practice band.
blastoff final coming going with few buddies! of coz my sis is there to support shimmano.well.i have seen NONE of these 3 group's i can't judge!
so weird it's like I go watch EPL final but i nvr watch the previous competition.LOLz
anyways its jz for fun afterALL.

Emo picture of me.the description there oredy said some part.Go do reading if u dont understand that picture tells the story.
but guess the inner me...no1 could really just leave me alone will do.
Nothing much i can reveal here.thx for ur concern and sleeptight!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

shifting week!

Yayness, this is the week where everything like couch, beds, lights all move in! XD
Everyday will see new stuffs oredy. yesterday lights are fixed, today the arrival of my bed! my room is so white...all whities! *grins* matress not yet..means i cannot sleep there yet :(
havent buy bed sheet also but nvm i can get it frm pyramid! yay again!
ohyarh, not to mention i love this high ceiling house...more breathable* ahah and i feel so sick with this connaught house already.everything spoilt!

and credits goes to my sisters n mom for cleaning the new house and shifting electrical stuffs there and place it great 2 of them come back for holiday to help out...otherwise i will be dead meat now! (for ur info im not doing anything for new house) i jz go there after college and erm...walk ard! ahahs.sorry yar

Thursday, January 25, 2007

JAN birthday babes

BUNCH of guys and girls born in january, yah let me count here, i have...
2nd JAN Keith Lee turned 2
5th JAN Weng Yan entered THE twienties.
22 JAN Cynthia turned 20!!!!
24 JAN Pakyin turned 21! THAT's a good year, lucky number too D: had fun dat day.kewl!

love you LOT!

coming birthday- Thong Li Mun on following monday.29 jan.i wish my purse is FAT now
haha.i owe THEM pressies.lousy friend i bout ferries wheel? XD

im saying you, magazine layout)

Put more& MORE time ON important projects.stop fooling around.I BEG ME!!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

started off badly

Suffer from Serious BAd traffic today can you imagine once i got down the road, it means start from giant I SEE BAD TRAFFIC!!! I was stunt lar ofcoz because i got out at8.30 class starts at9 HEY DONT SAY I GO OUT LATE BCUZ I USE TO GO NPE WHEN I HAVE 9am CLASS and i manage to make it. It was smooth traffic back then, months ago?
HELL and after the 50cents toll i have to make a left turn to sunway via NPE. and imagine the traffic is so bad so i use the oops'emergency' lane lar! okay It was wrong but then i just wanto left turn and not like I potong then masuk the lane next to me! pissed me off the thirsty police stopped me. If he doesnt want to bribe, he needs so much time standing there and write the saman or not? its like 2 minutes or stg lar he stood there n write! somore threaten me saying INI KESALAHAN BESAR TAU,jika kena 7 kali lesen dibatal! sebab u P tau. HECK lar i off P soon lar U COME EVERYDAY AND STAND THERE SAMAN LAR IF YOU SO RAJIN!

backward malaysia.

Monday, January 08, 2007

holiday ends tonight!

Hey folks! holiday ends tonight, back to class on tomorrow!! its so so soon i tell ya alland im READY!!! well i HAVE TO LAR tomorrow will be a 9.00AM CLASS! so early CAN DIE. Well i hope i could get up and reach in time...with my mom's speaker volumn, should be okay.
This term will be hectic(yah all seniur said so) and after i got the timetable i was 0_0 ed.
oopss so these are the subjS: marker visual2, presentation& social etiquette, marketing lecture, marketing tutorial!, packaging design, publication lecture then tutorial again, effective advertising& design campaign! you see! seems like all advertising stuff ALL BLEND in 3 months. and all these are important subjects and very useful for the future i suppose. dot dot dot... just hope i can cope with all these 8 subjects! oh freako i can feel the tense already! *taking deep breath to cool myself down*

Current task on hand other than college stuff:
1. product shoot for valee carbon which is my dad's company. JUST saw his ugly product pictures on the website and I definately have to change the pictures. otherwise i wont feel good! have a look at those pic
although the clients don't bother how does the pictures looks but I cannot tahan ugly pics ON MY DAD'S COMPANY WEBSITE! i even thought of putting his picture on 'about us' but he's kinda low profile STILL i think he deserve his pic on his website! so today i went over and shoot the products. deadline will be nex monday so wish me luck i need to do editting from now on.

2.prepare to shift house. and buy deco, buy flowers but these and that for every corner including my room lah! doink...i think my head gonna burst everytime i think of my room. because i dont see anything yet in my slow please add some speed doink bcus when i see nothing i cant do anything u got wat i mean? its like u need to dress up first before u add on accesories. !!!!!! pisssced!!!!

reminder: not to overslept again!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

random food pix

I snap pics of food only IF I bring along my camera when i go heres some of them.white sauce shrimp& mushroom pasta. it looks better than the taste.
too dilute,it needs to be more KAO! @ california kitchen,klcc.

salad with bbq chicken. used to be my fav salad, but no longer interesting for me maybe some xtra spicy salad works for me...@ california kitchen

This is vegetarian rendang+bun @ the curve
the noodle i ordered is too vegetarian taste...i hate it i only love real juicy meat !

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE MOST MOST MOST TASTY MIXED FRUIT TEA! best citrus tea in 2006 ha! A must try tea consist of kiwi orange and apple and a tea bag!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy 2007 everyone!

Oh oh im kinda late for new year post BUT cannot consider as late though still second day of january!!! wohoooo!! 5th will be miss KOH WENG YAN aka BGURL's birthday! just wish her all the best here first! love you weng yan! As for new year, had fun with college mates at genting and some new frends too! watched a long fireworks and felt 'why is this fireworks display never end'
i got nothing inside. no exact happy feeling or watever I was screaming for nothing. my new year resolution is to fill my days in 2007 with all determination and action. Happy new year to everyone on earth i know kay!

-lucky i bathed on 1st day of 2007 at genting bcuz i collapsed after got home from dinner!
- i hope i can be more hygenic too!

With Love,