Sunday, September 23, 2007

She champion kan? receive this email when i IM her on MSN asking why is she in busy mode. Cool answer i got tru mail instead of an IM. u see, people r getting more creative already n made me lol and printscreen it.

currently Addicted to :
& PRINTSCREEN & MOULIUNESS lucky not mooncake or any sorta cakes. Seeing a whole bdaycake or mooncake infront of you is very sinful, the zai-ness.burp~ mujur n' thk gd i felt sinful so i wouldnt keep eating like a barbarian.Happy BDay mommy. i got a pic of her cutting cake but i nvr transfer yet, told u im addicted to printscreen but not photo transfering using a card reader(u know de mafan-nessXD)

started using facebook afta being introduced by soonyee the biatch.thk him otherwise i dah bore die n wont be updating this silly blog.

due to 'not enough cash' factor, i cannot buy and decorate my room as how I want it to be. So i printscreen it and look at the cute terrier over there lying on a beanie. so Max okay. cuteness.other than it, i think the way i throw my bag n bottles on floor+ mag is jz plain me.perhaps im that messy:P okaylar.not enough money so i cant buy is time to get back to college work already, gotto put more effort in them.I hope i can do it.bless me!