Monday, February 25, 2008

Had no idea when is this picture taken, but it must be few days back, the time where i feel most confused. That feeling had change became, heartbroken. What i used to believe had turned into broken pieces now, and i guess, never be mend again. Perhaps it was me who was so naive to believe that people are sincerely be friend of mine, I really did believe. But i can tell myself, toleration has limit. I never know it was this horrible until i experienced it, pretty amusing huh.? But i'm really glad that are people who listen to me, thank you people. I truly, truly appreciate, you sincere people. I finally realized & I'd so recovered now! Truthful, trust, sincerity & respects will still be the very basic way I communicate, and basics I feel appreciated.

Jay's concert was a pretty good one excluding the 'dunno-what-song-he-begin-the -concert-with' and similiar songs he performed that night, the rest were good, and I personally love kai bu liao bu, that's my fav song of Jay you know? hehe. Me n wengyan were bored from the song Qian li zhi wai, continued with few more boring performance, he did brought us back with the 'guitar' whereby Jay and NanQuen sit together on stage, doing beatbox and switching ShuangJieGun to r&b style. It was quite refreshing though :D Ohh not to forget another shuangJieGun as ending :) super super love that song! or maybe, i don't love his new songs that much, it just lack of ohm for me to follow screaming my lungs out. That are times of me wanting to go Pavi with her already. haha. I miss the old Jay! compose more good ones, all time hit songs, would you? so that i would see u again doubtless~ *sniff* i still support Jay, yAY!