Sunday, March 25, 2007's2am and i got a in house phone is ringing....i PURPOSELY DONTWANT to go downstairs to answer i thought if someone really looking for me will call my i assume is some prank or moului asshole. and i was right...i go get it the second time it rings...
one indiano..indiano means indian but it sounds better than indian.

indiano : ini mana?
ME : kamu siapa DULU. (IM PISSED CZ I DONT ANSWER HSE call me using tat)
indiano: kamu missed call me tujuhbelas kali!
ME : saya tak panggil sesiapa pun.TAK ADA.(heck! call u 17x u gimme goldbar arh?)
indiano: sini mana?
ME : sini cheras LAR(seriously too pissed cant avoid the LARH.i wanted to say hantu panggil u bukan saya BUT i wasnt in the mood to joke.)

I end this conversation very quickly it made me geram everytime i answer hsephone sure gilahantu yang calling.whathefuck AND HELL THAT TMNET HAS NOT FIX LINE AT NEW HSE! PROMISED TO COME ONE WEEK AFTER.yes is that long BUT also couldnt make it.
HOW TERUK U insufficient. yes, u suck!

*i dont repeat what i say, i wont change my mind after those words, i mean it, dont let me repeat my lines.*

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

For those who drive a car, i have a question here:
Do you think most Mercedez driver tend to drive very slowly and block the others at their back? They dont even know where to go sometimes. they are old and blur.

I have been noticing for months(well,i dont know since when) that everytime i see a mercedez infront of me, i think they drive in super slumber way, the gap space between his/her car with the front car is mega big. I dont know why they can be carefree they never rush for work or any occasion, they have infinity tolerance in driving. hassle-free mercedez driver.
That applies to my dad too.
and certain people drives certain car, with certain driving behaviour.

Okay this post ends here.I just need to type something for fun.
announcement: sinee has joined blogspot!! *jumps+Yays*

Thursday, March 08, 2007

brightbright MEME

Meme post is OVER! So don't get confuse with the title.(just pinjam title lar) Don't-know-what had strike me to edit pictures yesterday and today.both pictures in warm colour, needless to say bright colours do cheer me alot!
Nomore dull colours!
bright orange
is my current FAV

Bright tones, Bright Mood!

Warm summer colours for JEN!

Till here folks! gtg nap for awhile.
*at the same time DIE for Magazine*

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Yes, TAGGED by Karen, so here i come blogging. *since she is so sincere drop a msg at chatterbox so im willing to kena tag!* otherwise NOT in the mood for blogging due to recent mood-swing caused by constant troubles.

SIX weird things about me
ONE I hate to take short nap when i know the nap is not gonna enough for me. It is very bad for me to get up with 'tak cukup nap' moody face and be grumpy. It is bad i release tension on people when i woke up from nap Therefore i rather not nap sometimes and sleep earlier.I really did avoid evening nap on that period sometime ago.

TWO When i can't sleep at night. I go pee i drink water.YAH both of them are normal.
I think it's weird to stuck my mouth with my quilt. That is what I did to-melepaskan-geram. after some release, i get tired- and i let go my mouth-and proceed to my dream. :)

THREE I'm not weird i have ntg else to write already.maybe im weird because i hardly appreciate people around me? i hardly like someone.or love.

FOUR I hard to get along with weird people. i only be friends with people who act like me.maybe this is discrimination?

FIVE I don't talk when i got no mood. Don't assume u will make my day if you make me laugh coz myself only can switch my mood back to normal.

SIX i leave THIS for you to say about my weirdness. would be happy if i agree with what you say.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

OINKY Year of Pig

This week feel so relax, seems like i am having a new beginning! hope everything goes well and under control throughout the whole year! blessings to all my friends too, have a good year alrite!
*leng-chai-LG Lx40*
Introducing the crazy family.
All cousins here.
& the little kid behind is my nephew,Keith.
80+ year old popo still the cutest.
& we make the best CCK club.
open only once a year LOLX
All dress in red as cck theme.
the none-reds are exclusive ones.'they thought'