Friday, December 19, 2008

My previous post was complaining how bad i dont feel xmas this year, guess what happened next? I saw two cards on my desk! SO AMAZING, i guess i'm gonna dream santa giving me present and i will wake up with presents all over my bed-_- haha!

But, i'm really blessed and I'm totally feeling XMAS already! Thanks to SIN EE and AMANDA, one from the states and one from UK. the 2 lovelies who still bother to send cards via snail mail and arrive same day? oh-so-merry!!!
RED one's from UK. BLUE from states!

i is !@$%&*( miss u ladiess. very much! merry x'mas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

nono. can't be also. cuz i'm seriously clueless about what to blog about recently. sounds pathetic right. Unless, i blog about super random stuff. I SHALL TRY THAT!

okay, come back to my to-do list, last things to do in year 2008:
1 Go do my driving license or else i might end up in JAIL! someday or worse during xmas when the cops ask for my license and i say "License belum buat lagi. sebab dompet dicuri". I actually imagine that scene countless time but fark it, i'm gonna get it done TMR before i head to work!

2 I need to get ready for more shopping( it's the Savings Sale YO, how can i not shop? goodness PULL&BEAR TOPSHOP CHARLES&KEITH ETC ETC SEMUA ON SALES) and most importantly christmas feel! HOW COME I DON'T FEEL YOU AT ALL, CHRISTMAS! :(((((( I need a santa to come visit me, yes, come visit me in my dream so that i can feel the JOY! meh. *i hope thursday's party will be a great one!*

3 It's mid december already, which means, everyone is happily celebrating and welcoming new year already! It's been a tough year for me, and my fellow rabbits. Even though 2008 feels short, we all hope this year end FASTER!! and ME!! ME WANTS NEXT YEAR A GREAT, PROSPER YEAR!!! Somebody get me a Lilian Too zodiac book for year of rabbit k? (as xmas present also can). million thanks.

4 Project i'm currently working on, "STEPS" the HIV campaign to have a smooth media launch on the boxing day yo! more updates about Steps in coming post/s! I'M EXCITED!

5,6,7,8,9,10 are stuffs like meeting up my friends, getting presents for people and get things ready for my sister's wedding in beginning of Jan! BEESY yet MERRY DECEMBER!