Tuesday, May 15, 2007

HEY Great you guys with this picture.suppose to be scary alr...but i got comment from someone mean and teruk say i look like some 'low-cost malay horror movie eyh!!! HOW dare you say me that, but quite true lar..i felt taht too.just that i disagree with u! ahah
also got comment macam pontianak-_-
too syiok afta seeing lala n ab pic...so i just webcam it lar.

okay, cut the crap. back to college.feels quite good seeing familiar faces(yah u guys la who else!) and im quite happy for some reason.i dunno what though...today's class-advertising campaign 1:lectured by Kins lee.he designed double-decker logo which i think is pretty cantik logo! But i dont buy double decker crackers la he need to do re-branding perhaps! my mind is filled with cheezels only.Well just hope to learn more from him!

Announcement: i lost carpark tic Twince a week. Lost a PAID TICKET!
i dont know how i hold or keep them while walking towards my car.teruk aku.i think i should just hold it with my gigi all de way to my car nex time.and im not joking!!

MOVIE today without ck haha.hope u dont bengang lar...we got ntg to do after class.'28 Weeks Later' i would say its a kan cheong movie.u wont fall asleep cuz its very bloodyish! i need more chi-kek movies to pump my heart once a while! SO,if u need some blood pumping.pls go for this movie! the flow n art direction is kinda cool tho! Juan Carlos Fresnadillo is de director.wheres he from? I seriosly can die so many movies coming and im so tak sabar i tell you.esp shrek3.okay.i shall be patient!!

Before i go.congrats to Wengyan and Anne the dancer lawyers! Gonna catch u on Channel V!

Friday, May 04, 2007

Ohkay, just having some fun while i cant sleep, it's 5.10AM!! excuse me for meaningless post but just trying out IPhoto. It is quite amazing mac software where u can drag in ur pics or album to it n select which to edit.u can crop, adjust contrast/brightness, colormood, blur/sharpness very quickly. I added wordings n brushes in photoshop though. But its quite fun to do this kinda boh liao things.BuT i still edit pix of Suityeng for ceo.gonna post her here after i edit.too many good shots of her dont know which to choose actually....
Alright, good nite to all!