Friday, June 13, 2008

Tagged by Kevin.
Real name: Tee Ning Li (donkey question!)
Nickname: Tning . night owl
Married: hello! i'm still a youngstar!
Zodiac Sign: Gemini & loving it!
Male or Female: Female, just have more man hormone than a girl's? lol
High School: SMK(P) Pudu
College: The One Academy
Short or long hair: long. bring me to hairdresser pls.
Are you a health freak?: depends. I do sometimes when i feel extremely not healthy.
Height: close to 161.5cm ahhaha
Do you have a crush on someone?: nono
Do you like yourself?: certainly!!!
Piercings: zero. waiting for my mood to come to pierce!
Right of lefty: righto.

First surgery: never had any, yet.
First piercing(s): N/A
First best friend: Wong Wen Wei
First award: contest only-singing n drawing. sadly no keng-chao awards.
First sport you joined: N/A
First pet: rabbit or turtle couldn't recall already.
First vacation: woah. genting? hahaha. If country, Singapore? LOLOL
First concert: Leo Ku
First crush: ahhaha some smart ass.

Eating: N/A
Drinking: N/A
I’m about to: earn some bucks!

Wants kids: errr
Want to get married: yes but it's not up to me lor. it's all about fate hey.
Careers in mind: A supposingly stress-out designer but having what i do enjoyable and carefree. Fashion line would be bonus. Others are left for me to expose myself! hehe

Lips or eyes: eyes? i want both lar.HA.
Hugs or kisses: hugs
Shorter or taller: short but cute. TALL n' FIT.
Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous best.
Nice stomach or nice arms: nice muscle! on arms n stomach of course.
Trouble maker or hesitant: not over hesitant, pls!

Drank bubbles: every kid did that i suppose. Just curiosity.
Lost glasses or contacts: both.oops
Run away from home: never
Liked someone younger: never
Liked someone older: yes
Broken somone’s heart: didn't mean to.
Been arrested: never
Turned someone down: yes hell lot. i'm a lousy friend.
Cried when someone died: someone but not everyone.
Liked a friend: like all can?

Yourself: i can do it!
Miracles: not really
Love at first sight: not really
Heaven: maybe but i believe if u're a good person u'll end up somewhere peaceful.
Sex on the first date: N/A
Angels: yes. There must be positive and negative energy.

Is there one person you want to be with right now: i'm happy with my bunch of biatch!
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time: impossible
Do you believe in God: yes, and God will destroy you evils!!!
Oh yah, i did mention this month is a bad bad month. And for this reason i blog again today. Because i have found out my therapy to cure my emo-ness and continue living in happylogy. erm, at least im happier during my midnight emo time.

TADAA!! happylogy!!! U might not know this is awesome heavenly midnight dessert. But the fact it is!! Okay, it is just a scoop of boring vanilla ice-cream which u probably won't pick up in the hypermarket. Hehe, thanks to my brilliant sister, her idea to mix it with Bailey's!! Since that day, i fell in love with vanilla ice-cream(bcuz im bailey's), and we live happily ever after. best match, hehe!
* now i have problem sleeping cuz im hyper again thx to my new craving.*

Sunday, June 08, 2008

June, my dear month of June. I am feeling so crappy and worry this month. My best friend met an tragic accident. But she's fine, Thank God. I hope you recover soon, i mean mentally recover form all the trauma u and friends had go through. I guess my 6 sense tells me alot of bad things is going to happen, and make me feel odd all the time, so i would be careful anywhere i go, everything i am going to do/ say, to avoid whatever that is going to happen to harm me.

This month, i live in hectic, worry, dunno-whats-next situation. Everyday is a new day. Quote from a friend, Waywen said "The only easy day was yesterday."
*Nod, nod* couldn't agree more. Freaking true.

Move on everyone. Good day!
Last thing, frm my bestie car accident, i have learn that forgiving someone is not hard because in the end of the day, you will not hold any grudge with anyone anymore. So, that's the reason why i am happy with my life now, cherish everyone i could before i have no time to do so. Love you, lalat lui!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Birthday post to my dear TER SIN EE!!
i know i know if you are reading this u must be feeling what the heck after 4 days this girl only post. My apologize to you ok? Alright i know this girl since Form 2. We were 14 year old and we spend our secondary time alot together, listening and singing Jay's song all the time! living without much worries and problem we were so happy! and now you are 21 after 7 years i know you, we transform into ourselves as a individual. Many things has change but i still love you! Me and lalat awaits your return to tanah melayu, and we shall catch up whatever we missed and meet up alot alot alot yea. Whatever misunderstanding between us should come to end i believe, as we both are grown ups! Now be prepared and scroll down slowly...

Look at our cute face Sin Ee! ahhahaa, i have no idea why our specs are round shape. and i have no idea which year this was taken. but i certainly love this picture :)
it's the most precious pic of us, yay!

*Tell me time flies so it feels short to meet you next year! I MISS YOU!
*today is ShinShin's bday too, happy birthday and i'll see you tmr!