Thursday, October 16, 2008

life on goings

Stumble across this campaign sometime ago, on a billboard along the federal highway, and now, this coming Sunday, there will be this tree planting thing happening at Padang Kota Damansara. I will get myself there if* i can wake up! haha

Okay, some updates, i've done with GOssip KL, currently starting another project, eherm, will tell you guys sooner or later Well, GOssip will be going to Penang in January! Come on there to join the fun! And, i'm finally, done with college! i mean, done in May, but the convocation on 5 october 2008 (data key in to my brain, never to be erase) is indeed very, very touching, and that was the day where i feel it is the last day of being in The One Academy (more like being with WHOLE bunch of designers). It feels GREAT, and berat hati. seriosly. Still, gotta move on with life, bless everyone, to lead a good life! Piccies uploaded to sorta, erm pimp up my dead bloggie, oh yah, slide is easy to use and speedo! woohoo!

it's a shorttttttt post. as i still need to prepare some stuff now. signing off!

convocation night, blissful!

part of GOssip, pictures by me, some by ck, edited by me :)