Saturday, November 25, 2006

10+ days to go!

Oh oh oh oh dear~ just have to sit for 2 tests (moral & photography) and submit drinks packaging with launchAd and bank loan advertising campaign, then im done.
[plus marker and simplified for everyweek ofcoz.] Still, advertising campaign bothering me most. I hope i wont be seeing this particular lecturer again. just geram when talk bout him. not going to complain him here, forget it!! hmph!

Let me talk bout stg else...local movies...i realise there are quite a number of malaysian production movies nowadays, perhaps it's getting more and more! (well, maybe i pay more attention to local movies after Marion's malaysian culture n' society class) I started of with Sepet, then Gubra. although i werent get the point in gubra, but jz a past time for me. at least i watch rite...hmm...i kinda support local movies! ahha.i ahvent watch The 3rd generation sad! my fav Carmen soo in it. ok, back to topic, when i was checking out what movie we should go for that day, The Red Kebaya attracts me, name and poster. but i never go for that bcoz we dont know what is it about. But now, im sure i'll go for it :)

besides normal movies eg red kebaya,gubra, we have FUNNY malays movies:
(the tittle is funny la to me, dunno bout the content)
1 mat rempit
2 salah bapak
4 CICAK MAN (gosh, my sis update me this.she said this is like spiderman! dat cicak man has cicak suits and climb! she say this is MUST WATCH for entertaining sake LOL)

Zi and Jen coming back on 1st DEC !! means coming friday :)
Hey you two, loud speakers, tune down ur volume when u get ur ass back kay, dont laugh at midnight is very
kacau kay.
and that stupid Cookie....hmm....i think Max gonna
welcome her with his carnivor-shape-teeth!
anyways, welcome home! but, i gotto share my precious Grayvi with them.

*my precious, my own*
urhhh *heartache*

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Smack me x100times

I suppose to be in class, but then, i set my alarm at9am, class at 10.30am. 1 hour 30minutes is way too much for me to prepare lah.....ok,nextime MUST set 45min b4 cls!! then only i will bounce frm my bed ahahaha

Okay, then, ntg much for today, bcuz i miss out redbox with my friends!! ab& chin, i dont have a good time singing with them, its merely once or twice i sing with them WITH MANY other people in the room. SO, wats the point dude.DUDE!!! my bad. NOW, got to go mv, my second home again. better than doing ntg and see myself ROT at home. yewchin called and say they have ntg to they came!!

BOUGHT WRONG ticket to Andy Lau and bunch of china actors movie, we CIAOed to another room, and ANOTHER, to happy feet !! Satisfied :) Quite good movie, cant stop laughing!
(our act tdy consider very sakai, first time i do this, but cannot tahan lau dak wah!!tappin' dance penguins much better)
This image is what my sis,heong did to our toilet switch! coz we never wipe our hands after washing them and switch it off. she got electric shock, and so she paste that on.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

nomore laziness

YAH, i gonna start my work...marker visual, simplified figure, packaging design, ad campaign(hate this). Reasons why i did not do much homework is= the time im at home is very packaging still sucks. bite me pls.
(im on to make decision on stg important.regarding i havto choose this n that.
its a waste of time.just some stupid fabric make me go crazy.IM IMPATIENT u know,but cant wait to see the outcome, new house, new environment,better living?!)
and so now, i can concentrate on my work better. im happy.

ohyah, yewchin's modem burnt!! thunder storm's fault....she asked me if i miss her ornot in class...i said no...but now!! shes not here to BORAK with me :(

Thursday, November 16, 2006

24hours, is it enough?

Time is tickling fast, is already 6teen of NOV. Few more counts, we'll be celebrating x'mas n new year. I dont plan, i do things depends on mood. This is bad i know.Thats why it is hard for me to get my things done. Lots of assignments left behind. 24 hours a day should be enough, just a matter of how you plan ur day. and i suck at this.I got so many marker visual to work many and so many......barely breath just exaggerate

And im unwell, after hanging out with Suit Yeng aka Lalat aka Cherry aka Haopo3,
i got fever and not-so-fever and fever again for 1 whole week.and yest, sneeze all the day n today,grennish flam.dont noe hw to spell it. When i was young, still in kindie school, everytime when i cough at night, i will vomit on bed. I werent healthy, cough is quite a serious prob for me. back then, i had a lil asthma prob when i cough, hardly breath. Thinking this month im not feeling healthy, reminds me of my past. I even cried in my 1st year, 3rd term when i had diarrhoea + fever.i forgot. Just hate the feeling when i do ntg,just lying on bed.wating time. Sickness pls go away.

msg to sinee: live happily everyday in ISU.
and god bless to all my friends on ur major STPM EXAM!!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

random stuff

(ohyea, i realise his nose is dry bcuz he was sleeping)
I have to say I'M SO PROUD OF MAX . I just love him for being my model(photography) haha..i bribe him with daim cake. U know, u have to make him happy otherwise he wouldnt let you shoot him!! what a clever dog....

and so, i had daim cake for breakfast and yoghurt cheesecake for lunch.
Imbalence diet i have.

*there are few balck ants running on this pc desk* they run in highspeed,but still, able to kill them all.

Gotta do ass. means asignments.
Rushing ass at night is fun because i dont do ass on weekends.I dont know why last minute baru shiok.Karen understands it too.girl, hope u win the LG whitechoc.

God change me please.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

*hapiness* at paws

Yeap, i had DONE with moral studies' community service as a volunter at PAWS.Sakai, we arrived Late, sorry for that(dg gang and Esp miss Sarah)... i felt bad to arrive late, it somehow showed we're insincere.Anyways, our job was TOOsimple, 11 person cleaned 8 cages, to be frank, the cages dont hav stain dirt or stg nasty, i think is good Sarah ( person incharge of Paws frm NewZealand) has 2 worker(guys) to help her maintain the area and spend time with the dogs,cats.

After cleaning cages, Each of us walked 2 dogs, each 20minutes on a long dog path(small path beside main highway)......just to make sure the dogs are free from 'just compound life'.sounds pathetic, but mind you!! adult dogs there are not so happy, they are waiting for YOU to bring them home and be their new owner until for the rest of their live. They need someone to care from, but not to stay with so many other dogs in the same compound.

Dogs, dogs, each of them are so different, first dog i walked is Heather.
Heather is : read down and u'll know.
Things start when almost everyone holding a dog except me n abby.
After Sarah hand me the first dog,Heather...

me : what's her name?
Worker : Heather
Me : Ohkay!
(once i got her with her leash, she dashed to the front gate,act kiasu)
I was pulled to the front gate while trying to hold the leash properly and TIGHTEN it,but i failed cz the floor is slippery. kiasu-dog stand infront waiting the gate to open.
[gate opened]

Heather : YEAY!! finally im out of that boring compound !! Away from that bitchy Great Dane
mix Dalmation.That bitch so fierce, think she has the biggest size then can bully us, padan muka she wasnt chosen for walk tdy! Think u Queen we havto obey u merh!! *PROUD face*
(feel SO HAPPY CAN RUN SO FREELY!!!!!!!!!! and that newbie handler run so slow with that slipper somore...How can run with that?? wet n slippery.stupid la she !!! see i run barefoot. BESTkan??)
*wuahhaha.let me run faster and she suffer behind me*

Me : oih, Heather Heather!!! SLOW DOWN!!!! What lar you run so fast!! Walk slowly la !! My slipper flying off larrrr !!
(after awhile,cant tahan..try to stop her..hold her real tight but shes stronger..keeps running like sakai)
Manage to stop her and scold her LOL.not scold but ask her to sit...but shes an untrain sakai, never know wat is sit,push her butt SO hard oso REFUSE TO SIT !!!
I gave up and just LET HER WALK ME instead me walking behind her obviously, suppose to walk beside me....

Heather : aiyah, i wanto run so fast because i wanto be the first la...dowan to walk behind others lar.....u know...i come frm *hutan concreate country* got the disease oso leh !!

Me : Haih...(wipe sweat)

Heather :Eh, see my picture with this dumbo handler lar!! stupid.ppl take her pic oso dono, see me lar...look at the camera and smile ma!!

Heather : Thats me!! Take me home if you are hiperactive, willing to spend ur time with me playing ball, go jogging with me .Woofwoof. Dont forget to PAMPER ME !!
im a girl manja! and erm.gorgeous and pretty too! im mixed,thats why i get good genes u know !! Please RESPECT non-pedigree kay?

SECOND ROUND WALK WITH MIKO, i chose her cuz she was lying down there like shes so bored.
The worker leash her and pass her to her and felt something is wrong with i ask the guy worker there what is her problem for ignoring me.He then say shes shy(pat her at the sametime)...Sarah then come to me and say she has heart problem,shes under medication.And so i brought her out for a walk..She walk so slow, i no need to pull her like that gila Heather.
As we walk, I notice her elbow is hurt,no fur.dont know what had happen.And shes very thin,can feel her bone near the hips.After few steps,she stop walking...tried to pull her bit but she choke..OOPS.SORRY. then i just carry her..then she walk back to paws.
I told the worker bout her condition, then only i know shes an old dog...
It's sad that she has no energy to walk, need me to carry after few steps.
all she wants is just a companion and ur love.
She likes it when i sayang her...


puppies there are all cute, non-pedigree of cuz...
but i wish those who wanna adopt a dog/cat, pls go for adult dogs too....dont neglect them, or else they'll be PUT TO SLEEP !!!
truth is, puppies are cute, but u need time to train them, adults are more calm and dont just love puppies okay??
dont waste ur money buy a pet from petshop, go for adoption, they are not aggresive, are healthy and LOVELY!! save the animal, save ur pocket too!!

and if u own a dog/cat....please make sure they are happy.Simple enough.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

HELLO guys!!

hey YA people!! this is my blogger account!! not a first time blogger but im tired of that i am here after my friends' influence! finally im done!


but i dont wanna use this layout...any kind soul pls help me~
okay,im done with this intro post la.till here!!
Tomorrow will be going to PAWS for community service. so excited to see them! they are lovely but unwanted, take them home if anyone wanna raise a pet kay?