Friday, December 19, 2008

My previous post was complaining how bad i dont feel xmas this year, guess what happened next? I saw two cards on my desk! SO AMAZING, i guess i'm gonna dream santa giving me present and i will wake up with presents all over my bed-_- haha!

But, i'm really blessed and I'm totally feeling XMAS already! Thanks to SIN EE and AMANDA, one from the states and one from UK. the 2 lovelies who still bother to send cards via snail mail and arrive same day? oh-so-merry!!!
RED one's from UK. BLUE from states!

i is !@$%&*( miss u ladiess. very much! merry x'mas!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

nono. can't be also. cuz i'm seriously clueless about what to blog about recently. sounds pathetic right. Unless, i blog about super random stuff. I SHALL TRY THAT!

okay, come back to my to-do list, last things to do in year 2008:
1 Go do my driving license or else i might end up in JAIL! someday or worse during xmas when the cops ask for my license and i say "License belum buat lagi. sebab dompet dicuri". I actually imagine that scene countless time but fark it, i'm gonna get it done TMR before i head to work!

2 I need to get ready for more shopping( it's the Savings Sale YO, how can i not shop? goodness PULL&BEAR TOPSHOP CHARLES&KEITH ETC ETC SEMUA ON SALES) and most importantly christmas feel! HOW COME I DON'T FEEL YOU AT ALL, CHRISTMAS! :(((((( I need a santa to come visit me, yes, come visit me in my dream so that i can feel the JOY! meh. *i hope thursday's party will be a great one!*

3 It's mid december already, which means, everyone is happily celebrating and welcoming new year already! It's been a tough year for me, and my fellow rabbits. Even though 2008 feels short, we all hope this year end FASTER!! and ME!! ME WANTS NEXT YEAR A GREAT, PROSPER YEAR!!! Somebody get me a Lilian Too zodiac book for year of rabbit k? (as xmas present also can). million thanks.

4 Project i'm currently working on, "STEPS" the HIV campaign to have a smooth media launch on the boxing day yo! more updates about Steps in coming post/s! I'M EXCITED!

5,6,7,8,9,10 are stuffs like meeting up my friends, getting presents for people and get things ready for my sister's wedding in beginning of Jan! BEESY yet MERRY DECEMBER!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


HURTS laaah
(Ter Sin Ee, this is for you. After chatting with you i had this bruise. I'm telling you i don't need melting snow to make me fall down-_-. I fell down just before i enter the house, i step on slippery and wet tile. because Malaysia rains too often these days. damn it.
But i need no boots la :)

* reading Taukeh Hor Seh Bor, hopefully i can finish it! asap!! thanks boss for such a good book. It'll be useful 1day, entrepreneur yay?! *

Thursday, October 16, 2008

life on goings

Stumble across this campaign sometime ago, on a billboard along the federal highway, and now, this coming Sunday, there will be this tree planting thing happening at Padang Kota Damansara. I will get myself there if* i can wake up! haha

Okay, some updates, i've done with GOssip KL, currently starting another project, eherm, will tell you guys sooner or later Well, GOssip will be going to Penang in January! Come on there to join the fun! And, i'm finally, done with college! i mean, done in May, but the convocation on 5 october 2008 (data key in to my brain, never to be erase) is indeed very, very touching, and that was the day where i feel it is the last day of being in The One Academy (more like being with WHOLE bunch of designers). It feels GREAT, and berat hati. seriosly. Still, gotta move on with life, bless everyone, to lead a good life! Piccies uploaded to sorta, erm pimp up my dead bloggie, oh yah, slide is easy to use and speedo! woohoo!

it's a shorttttttt post. as i still need to prepare some stuff now. signing off!

convocation night, blissful!

part of GOssip, pictures by me, some by ck, edited by me :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

I need some updates, i knowwwwww ( replying to WayWen, this is my update so see when i'll so your tag okay, haha). Yupe, done my first project, Project GOssip. Check out the blog to know more alright. GOssip with a cause is an awareness campaign among youth, about social welfare issues. Come over to SS15-Asia Cafe-Taylor's to look for me if you are supporting GOssip aight! I'll be there for whole 3days there. Come come people!!!


and, I have invited all my friends to come over to support the cause, to the Street Party. ( Sin ee, hope u can join me the next campaign!) You can get the tickets from me too, jz msn/call/sms/email me okay?


Okays, tmr convo rehearsal, pati at Belle's house at night.
BUTTTTTTTT Amanda leaving for UK, i'll miss you my good buddy, u're among the nicest person i've met in college, in life. Do update me about u when u get there, and get us beer with nice packaging too haha, best luck to you! Miss me+ toa friends!

Friday, August 29, 2008

I am not obsessed with him, i never watch him swim during the Olympics, he just came so randomly and brighten up my day. I had a super bad day, and he came. Oh, Michael Phelps my savior of bad day. I hate the fact that i discover another flaw of me, thanks to this colleague. You make me burst at last, because i can't accept this flaw. It's not about my design, well, it's just me in communication. He pointed my flaw to me and i was shock,
didn't know it is a flaw at all. Enough said, i was so in zero mood when i'm suppose to cheer or happy because my artwork is sent for printing today, basically my part on this project is almost done, but i just couldn't help sobbing. After sending my cd to the supplier and head to starbucks at curve, walking pass gashapon shops in Cineleisure, i decided to try my luck with this gashapon machines, that's my hobby, i do it whenever i feel like, I'll be unhappy if i get a ugly one, but this made me smile!

AND I GOT THIS!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways, more fun factor came to me when Michy, my colleague show ask me to look at the table in front of us, sitting with a her/him :/
CAN YOU SEE IT???? The guy on my desktop last post :D:DWALL-E is looking at my MAC,

That's not the end of the day yet, next, i had,FREEBIES!!!
cuz Sony VAIO is doing this new product launch in Starbucks, they place 2 laptops there, and u can just walk and sit there to test the laptops, nice idea though, but no one walk up and try it, and being gepoh, i went up and see the thing although i'm obviously not buying it larh, haha. I END UP getting this Starbucks voucher :) after giving feedback for their product & I got my hot choc for just RM2,
and Michy (Introducing my only female colleague, Michy. She's Very nice & she helped me ALOT) She paid RM3 for blended caramel cappuccino. 8D

"TGIF" wtf

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

he kept all my files into his red box.


i think this guy does better!

ok, i shall get back to work.

[me clicking on gossip folder,
friends, click here]

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Your Personality Type: The Spontaneous Idealist

Your Personality Type: The Spontaneous Idealist
This might be my real personality, thanks to so-called-closest-ones. I might as well take another test, and change my identity.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Life's been bothering. so much. I need sunny people around me.

Ghost month is bad for me, causing me so much trouble.
Dompet dicuri nevermind. Why when i go to
Maluri Police station, it is pindah. Make me go the another police station in some ulu inner part of cheras i dont know, nevermind, coz im not driving.
Went to get a COP that is to certify my laporan kehilangan is genuine which cost me RM2 in nearer police station at Dang Wangi the fact that i reported the case last night where the COP IS KEPT AND LOCKED, THE COP IS ONLY DURING OFFICE HOURS WTF!

Went to JPN in Bandar Tun razak to re-do my IC, i see another notice saying it is shift. Fuccacino. I consider myself as lucky in unlucky group when i see the notice says it is shifted to Bandar Tun Razak as well. Lucky the unlucky me, followed my six sense and i sampai the new place smoothly. But then! My bloody thumb print cannot match my previous thumb print! Okay, to explain here, when i was 12, i change my skin like a snake, no doubt they couldnt identify and match my current thumb print with the old one. I have multiple identity, the 21y.o. me and 12y.o. me is two person. perhaps! BLOODY hell, i need to go to another JPN AGAIN! To do pengesahan wtf! I am not happy!!!! HOW TO BE HAPPY YOU TELL ME!!!!! Another RM5! Waited so long! I RUN FIVE PLACES JUST TO GET MYKAD DONE! I DO NOT WANT TO RE-DO MY D-LICENSE NOW CUZ I KNOW IT SURE NOT SMOOTH ONE! LET IT BE SINCE I CAN DO IT WITHIN THIS 3 MONTH!


It stinks cuz it reminds me of my semester in college i do my Walkdiva where i had A SERIES OF BADLUCK BLOCKING MY WAY!
GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 10 - Tee Ning Li, a chinese 21 year-old girl, was being pick- pocket when she was shopping in AX, Pavilion, around 4.30p.m. According to the victim, while she was browsing in the shop, she realize there is a sudden group of shoppers come into the boutique, this bunch of nicely dressed youngsters are suspect of this crime scene. Ms Tee reported to the information counter in Pavilion right after the incident, and she highlighted that the boutique, AX that they do not have cctv system, therefore the useless bunch of youngster targeted it. Her friend, Woo Hun Yee, shopped at pavilion on the same day, told Ms Tee that her mobile phone went missing in Forever 21, it is suspect that is done by the same gang.

So, my advice. Be alert if there's sudden pack/crowd of shopper come into the shop, they might act as shoppers, but watch-out. Don't sling your bag like me and my friend, the poor victims. When u sling it, you cant see your bag, and this is how the bloody useless kids curi your belongings. Hug your bag to the front. Walkaway from the crowd. They dressed decent, about 10 people in a group of malays. Just, beware.

Okay, anything note. I AM damn pissed lor can?! Not that the fact that i lost my duit. i dont care its only rm10 in my wallet. BUT i am geram i need to go to the government places to REPORT POLICE, RE-DO IC and RE-DO DRIVING LICENSE. I got headache when i enter those places. Heck. I cant even find a place to park my car in police station. I turn in and they ask me go out and find a car park. DAMN. They got no PLACE FOR US? MADE ME PARK AT ROADSIDE IF I GOT A SUMMON YOU GONNA PAY FOR IT. Somore made me paid rm2 to get the bloody cop???? I lost my wallet eh? If i LAPOR YESTERDAY WHICH MEANS I NO NEED PAY THE 2BUCKS ? LAPOR TODAY NEED TO PAY? WHERES THE LOGIC? WHERE? YOU TELL ME LARH! PLEASE LA, MAJULAH SIKIT!!!


Saturday, August 09, 2008

a big communication breakdown had just happen.

i am still struggling.

so true,

so cruel,

i am totally on my own,


i'm not belong to them.

nothing belongs to me.

so damn right.

i doubt why i'm even here...

Saturday, August 02, 2008

tagged. by Waywen.

Six people to tag

cherry& kenny

Six things I’m passionate about
1) living. the rest are in it.

Six things I say too often
i dont know

Six books I’ve read recently
'i don't read books'
'i don't read books 2nd edition'
'i don't read books 3rd edition'
'i don't read books 4th edition'
'i don't read books 5th edition'
'i don't read books 6th edition'

Six songs I can listen to again and again
kai bu liao kou by jay
say all i need by one republic
always where i need to be by the kooks
you give me something by james morrison
look what you've done by jet
mr brightside by the killers

Six things I learnt in the past year

to beware of close ppl around me
to apologize
not to give up till the very last second
to have secret for myself
people are not as nice as i thought afterall
to live in real world

Friday, August 01, 2008

Some idiot sent me emo song that lead me post something emo. wtf.

one question in my mind.

what's right &
what's wrong?
i am feeling guilty.for myself n the people ard me.for quite some time.
and i dont know how to talk anymore

Friday, July 25, 2008

sudden thought: i don't drink red bean tongsui and i always order cendol without red bean but i am feeding myself redbean ice potong. My thought is here, sometimes you are telling yourself you don't like it, but come and think of it, there's sure something u like about, pros and cons laa. That's reality. Miao. Keep going.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Can't deny i love a little bit of everything...
, can't deny the feeling towards them fade so soon...
still can't make up my mind whether I really love you or not
Onitsuka Tiger!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Tagged by Kevin.
Real name: Tee Ning Li (donkey question!)
Nickname: Tning . night owl
Married: hello! i'm still a youngstar!
Zodiac Sign: Gemini & loving it!
Male or Female: Female, just have more man hormone than a girl's? lol
High School: SMK(P) Pudu
College: The One Academy
Short or long hair: long. bring me to hairdresser pls.
Are you a health freak?: depends. I do sometimes when i feel extremely not healthy.
Height: close to 161.5cm ahhaha
Do you have a crush on someone?: nono
Do you like yourself?: certainly!!!
Piercings: zero. waiting for my mood to come to pierce!
Right of lefty: righto.

First surgery: never had any, yet.
First piercing(s): N/A
First best friend: Wong Wen Wei
First award: contest only-singing n drawing. sadly no keng-chao awards.
First sport you joined: N/A
First pet: rabbit or turtle couldn't recall already.
First vacation: woah. genting? hahaha. If country, Singapore? LOLOL
First concert: Leo Ku
First crush: ahhaha some smart ass.

Eating: N/A
Drinking: N/A
I’m about to: earn some bucks!

Wants kids: errr
Want to get married: yes but it's not up to me lor. it's all about fate hey.
Careers in mind: A supposingly stress-out designer but having what i do enjoyable and carefree. Fashion line would be bonus. Others are left for me to expose myself! hehe

Lips or eyes: eyes? i want both lar.HA.
Hugs or kisses: hugs
Shorter or taller: short but cute. TALL n' FIT.
Romantic or spontaneous: Spontaneous best.
Nice stomach or nice arms: nice muscle! on arms n stomach of course.
Trouble maker or hesitant: not over hesitant, pls!

Drank bubbles: every kid did that i suppose. Just curiosity.
Lost glasses or contacts: both.oops
Run away from home: never
Liked someone younger: never
Liked someone older: yes
Broken somone’s heart: didn't mean to.
Been arrested: never
Turned someone down: yes hell lot. i'm a lousy friend.
Cried when someone died: someone but not everyone.
Liked a friend: like all can?

Yourself: i can do it!
Miracles: not really
Love at first sight: not really
Heaven: maybe but i believe if u're a good person u'll end up somewhere peaceful.
Sex on the first date: N/A
Angels: yes. There must be positive and negative energy.

Is there one person you want to be with right now: i'm happy with my bunch of biatch!
Had more than one boyfriend/girlfriend at one time: impossible
Do you believe in God: yes, and God will destroy you evils!!!
Oh yah, i did mention this month is a bad bad month. And for this reason i blog again today. Because i have found out my therapy to cure my emo-ness and continue living in happylogy. erm, at least im happier during my midnight emo time.

TADAA!! happylogy!!! U might not know this is awesome heavenly midnight dessert. But the fact it is!! Okay, it is just a scoop of boring vanilla ice-cream which u probably won't pick up in the hypermarket. Hehe, thanks to my brilliant sister, her idea to mix it with Bailey's!! Since that day, i fell in love with vanilla ice-cream(bcuz im bailey's), and we live happily ever after. best match, hehe!
* now i have problem sleeping cuz im hyper again thx to my new craving.*

Sunday, June 08, 2008

June, my dear month of June. I am feeling so crappy and worry this month. My best friend met an tragic accident. But she's fine, Thank God. I hope you recover soon, i mean mentally recover form all the trauma u and friends had go through. I guess my 6 sense tells me alot of bad things is going to happen, and make me feel odd all the time, so i would be careful anywhere i go, everything i am going to do/ say, to avoid whatever that is going to happen to harm me.

This month, i live in hectic, worry, dunno-whats-next situation. Everyday is a new day. Quote from a friend, Waywen said "The only easy day was yesterday."
*Nod, nod* couldn't agree more. Freaking true.

Move on everyone. Good day!
Last thing, frm my bestie car accident, i have learn that forgiving someone is not hard because in the end of the day, you will not hold any grudge with anyone anymore. So, that's the reason why i am happy with my life now, cherish everyone i could before i have no time to do so. Love you, lalat lui!

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Birthday post to my dear TER SIN EE!!
i know i know if you are reading this u must be feeling what the heck after 4 days this girl only post. My apologize to you ok? Alright i know this girl since Form 2. We were 14 year old and we spend our secondary time alot together, listening and singing Jay's song all the time! living without much worries and problem we were so happy! and now you are 21 after 7 years i know you, we transform into ourselves as a individual. Many things has change but i still love you! Me and lalat awaits your return to tanah melayu, and we shall catch up whatever we missed and meet up alot alot alot yea. Whatever misunderstanding between us should come to end i believe, as we both are grown ups! Now be prepared and scroll down slowly...

Look at our cute face Sin Ee! ahhahaa, i have no idea why our specs are round shape. and i have no idea which year this was taken. but i certainly love this picture :)
it's the most precious pic of us, yay!

*Tell me time flies so it feels short to meet you next year! I MISS YOU!
*today is ShinShin's bday too, happy birthday and i'll see you tmr!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is what happens when.......
a spider meet another spider at the same spiderweb.
call us spideyyyy!
i love photoshop
a lil bit obsessed i can say.
i even give lesson to my another spidey kawan.
so that we'll feel time flies.
she's a nice spidey, i likey

on the other hand, just reminder to myself
*smack myself first*
1. I must ask alot of question this time (otherwise i'll be dead)
2. stop being ignorant.just ask and ask and ask.
3. sleep earlier.pls.

just wanna slide on rainbow, not spiderwebs
alot mixed up feelings, a lil emo. sorry.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

love malaysian band. They are getting better and better! One Buck Short is still my ringing tone and now i'm loving Estrella! ahah. get to know this band from fly fm campur chart, they are first this week! very soothing style, love it. JUST GO YOUTUBE-kan Estrella yea people :) and i rather hear 100times estrella on radio than simple plan, when i'm gone.seriosly cannot understand why is that song a hit. i love you, Estrella! i love malaysian production :)
Interview was ok... i'm confusing myself once again...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The above is my mama in white shirt, say Hi to auntie before proceed reading!!
I'm here blogging with hyper mood again. I have got something to share to you guys, about pictures to Sydney, i don't know when i'll post them haha. But of course i will start with naik kapal terbang pics dulu. We sisters had fun like restless girls on the plane. Take note it's a night flight. I think we giggle sampai irritates other passengers? ahha, whatever it is. I love taking pics with macbook's photo booth! I know i have facebooked these, but i still wanna write cuz it makes me feel damn happy, can?I photoshop her straight on plane cuz i kenot tahan her sepet eyes . smokey eyes looks better.
I call her Heong, she calls me Li :) Zi & Li Mirror effect. I think this one damn gaya lor. macam spider makan me.
damn scary kan? my eldest monster sister.This is a better picture of her :) cool one!
and this one, like some character or wat, i don't know but we laughed had a good laugh at the cermin mata!
The 2 above are CREEPY. It feels so real like someone look like this do exist! ahahah. That's fugly me if you doubt who's that. Friggin'

next, I have ME in fisheye effect!in fish's eyes, Ningli become so round. Fishes sure likey me i tell you, i look so cute in their! Boo! and byes. had enough laugh, people?

p.s: good luck to myself for this and next week.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Time to earn some bucks. Small bucks or huge bucks, still yet for me to decide. When i realize small bucks are nuts, then i will switch. Because i have this wish. It's the Miss Marc Tote. OMG, i'll work to get you! I still remember i told everyone I'll spend my 1st salary on this particular brand, but the Owl Marc is my ex-wish. OMG I love you and you and you. I have to many wish lists. However i'll just keep the rest to myself lah.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

I AM SO damn hyper nowadays. Who's gonna cool me down? need some beer to cool me down you hear that???? hahaha, just jokes don't worry! Not here to tipu beer minum lar but im gonna post about my genting trip on*checks calender*.......23rd, 24th April 2008. Had fun in themepark ONLY the second time we masuk coz the first time...u know...alot of those people.EHEM. damn skunk mereka semua. Then, me n belle gone mad when we see so many gashapon machines! We just love the anticipation and it's just damn syiok. WE GOT THE SAME TOY AGAIN. but the other time is she got a prince, PRINCE omg! but i got some unknown thingy i don't know what is that. BIAR. The best part is of session! we were laughing our ass off. ALMOST fell lah no jokes! I can say this was the first trip after finals, so we were so damn high. The feeling is just too good, feeling relief and really crazy!!

we were having...
until we...hehe..I have to say my camera is not bad at all!! my baby sonyE k550i rocks. Sin Ee, i post alot recently due to my hyper-ness. BUT, I SHALL GO TO BED NOW-_-.miss you too.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

damn happy.
not gonna show you so soon...continue scratching ur head until botak lah.

Friday, May 09, 2008

*Ehem* i am forced to post this to satisfied this friend of mine. I got prove that you force me somore. So don't say you are innocent. Nah, you see YOU SEE! muahahahah
Lucky i still have some drawings. I don't know if you consider marker rendering as drawings lar. My old drawings still left in old house. I need to go get them!
This is semi-finished marker

finished marker

finished marker-my markers, everyone's are ALL dried up before graduate, and now we can bye to them! but...but, ng seh tak gehhh....

Last night's party at Maison was really gooooood!!! i see alot of faces i see in college, this is probably the last time i see so much of them together at a party. Definately will miss them and wish them best luck for future and what's more imprtant is a HAPPY JOURNEY to all of them! Hugs!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

I will be uploading my portfolio *hopefully more to come* on my blog when i had done the touch ups. here's some first.
and for some particular reasons i post this up otherwise i can't sleep. So, here goes :)

Alright I will start with my packaging design for 'Herbal & fruit organic tea infusion' targeted to the hip and cool young adults. 4 flavours all together: chamomile, lemon & ginger, raspberry & echinacea and blueberry, ginseng & vanilla.This was done during the 2nd year.
*the tea leafs STILL not yet dispose and will NEVER be disposed, wonder will i get diarrhea
if i drink them* :/

Next is: Advertising campaign3 on promoting Star Movies on Astro.
-The Sun wrap-around Ad on movie: Final Destination 2.
-Front page as teaser creating as if it's a real tragic highway accident happened.

Child's Play ambient Ad. Still remember there is a scene where chucky holds a knife on his hands hiding in a toy shop trying to kill the boy while the boy is looking for chucky? There would be real kid acting to create the ambient ad and chucky outside the toy box, to remind the crowd to catch the show on Astro Star Movies.

Chucky says goodnight to whoever reading this now. Wuahahahaha!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

HELLO Friends! some updates for you guys! I'm just graduated from The One Academy, i'm right now waiting for my convo which will be in September this year. SO friends, i'm FREE from college already! I've been spending exact 3 years in TOA. I've learned so much and i AM missing my college already. Hard to believe yea cuz i'm always the one whinning to u guys those sleepless nights and when really bad stuffs happened to me. BUT, somehow berat hati to leave college environment u know, and the people, yea, they are great, somehow. I will remember everything from good to BAD, which i really thankful that I know what and where i'm heading to. Till now, blessed that i don't feel any regrets at all. Whatever critiques on my work from lecturers, friends. Those are the things i really appreciate. It is even amazing when a lecturer sees through your personality through your work, it'll always be a reminder for me on how should i do things. I've also learned to appreciate my close friends more, they are the ones complete me and stand on by my side all the time, love you guys! As for now, i'll be looking for a part time and at the same time spare some time polishing my portfolio, put them nicely and go for interviews when i'm all ready. oops, i still have pictures of Genting, Sydney & graduation launching night's pics to look back and hopefully to edit and post them up here. By the way, i'm ADDICTED to TRAVELING! It is just so relaxing and Satisfying! :) Alright, updates till here. batch55 is having a PARTY TOMORROW! wooHOO!!!

One pic before i go! :D

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

This is for us! Finally i got time to edit and post this up:) YAY! Cherish our friendship and how silly we are in public. haha!
Love our tinkerbell necklace :)
There are more to come, kan?
super enjoy spending time with this girlie girl best friend of mine.XOXO for you!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

She is not-so a writer still.
So, let her be, she doesn't care or couldn't care much if everyone misunderstood her point,
she finally know how to write 'about me'.
what she wants in life,
the importance of true essence of quality, and keep demanding for more, who's being truthful and who's not.
she walked pass her art school 10 years back on one recent day, reminiscence about the days she was safe under her comfort zone,
3 years back,
she has been exploring.
and now,
sharing her stories,
feel what her friends felt,
understand what people are trying to tell me,
and finally jumped out from her wonderland.
found what truly makes her happy.
she'll keep writting her 'about me',
and wishes,
her love ones truly, genuine be their own author of themselves,
and share it with people around themselves.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something bodoh over here. ahhaa, not like i'm too free to do it but my lecturer sorta ask us to do it with our final project submition on tomorrow! not like i gler minat daniel wu but this movie is what comes to my head straight if you ask me to montage me in it..haha. so, advertising storyboard due tomorrow. Annual report due next Thursday and Friday presentation on design management and i'm done with college! i'm allowing myself to have FUN and stress for the last week ok? we say time flies kan? fly fasterrr please!! can't wait to attend sis convo in Sydney and do everything anything whatever anywhere i want!!
current mood : anticipation and excited. bye readers!
EDIT : My sister is 30 Today ahhaha Happy Birthday to Heong:) My most fussy, tasteful sister and sarcastic sister!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pardon my previous post as i found out the situation already so i'm feeling all good now. Today had a talk with mom about what i'm gonna do later after i graduate. It was nice talking cuz i finally understand something...gosh can't believe she thinks for my future too! lovely. She is being so supportive today...aww...i almost drop my tears for the first time. My daddy too, can't believe both my parents said such things today. I felt love~! I love my family and my close friends soooo much! Okay, done expressing my love. back to work!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today, i actually followed/ tail a car to go out the carpark.
wuahahah so kan cheong you can ask abbytai cuz that was her idea.
*Credits to original idea from Henry the classmate.
byes* workload kills larrr

Monday, March 17, 2008

Yuet leng, this post is for you~ since you say so long never have updates (:
Well i know lar this is super old thing, but yea i never post this anywhere else before so i post it here for you to see now, haha.

The picture below i think is during yevon's bday?
another will be wengyan's bdayAs friends are turning 21year old one by one, somehow feels like dunno how to describe ur feelings u know...we are all soon gonna graduate and work, okay i'm the only one never work before but come to think of it, out topic is all about studies and future plans already... chatted with wengyan today and she asked me when i'm gonna start working....gosh, u see u SEE! sigh, i can't even assure that i can graduate bcuz i had a bad feeling i couldn't...ohyea and i'm flying off to Sydney on 27 april to attend my sister's convo. I hope i can just go to the beach there and what Daniel said haha. I am looking forward to my future life and to step away from college...very much. Oh, life is great still.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Had no idea when is this picture taken, but it must be few days back, the time where i feel most confused. That feeling had change became, heartbroken. What i used to believe had turned into broken pieces now, and i guess, never be mend again. Perhaps it was me who was so naive to believe that people are sincerely be friend of mine, I really did believe. But i can tell myself, toleration has limit. I never know it was this horrible until i experienced it, pretty amusing huh.? But i'm really glad that are people who listen to me, thank you people. I truly, truly appreciate, you sincere people. I finally realized & I'd so recovered now! Truthful, trust, sincerity & respects will still be the very basic way I communicate, and basics I feel appreciated.

Jay's concert was a pretty good one excluding the 'dunno-what-song-he-begin-the -concert-with' and similiar songs he performed that night, the rest were good, and I personally love kai bu liao bu, that's my fav song of Jay you know? hehe. Me n wengyan were bored from the song Qian li zhi wai, continued with few more boring performance, he did brought us back with the 'guitar' whereby Jay and NanQuen sit together on stage, doing beatbox and switching ShuangJieGun to r&b style. It was quite refreshing though :D Ohh not to forget another shuangJieGun as ending :) super super love that song! or maybe, i don't love his new songs that much, it just lack of ohm for me to follow screaming my lungs out. That are times of me wanting to go Pavi with her already. haha. I miss the old Jay! compose more good ones, all time hit songs, would you? so that i would see u again doubtless~ *sniff* i still support Jay, yAY!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

a late bug has just bitten me.
bloody bug make me miss the most important class. take note, first class is bloody important ok. I don't know how am i gonna cont. BUGK OFF.