Thursday, January 25, 2007

JAN birthday babes

BUNCH of guys and girls born in january, yah let me count here, i have...
2nd JAN Keith Lee turned 2
5th JAN Weng Yan entered THE twienties.
22 JAN Cynthia turned 20!!!!
24 JAN Pakyin turned 21! THAT's a good year, lucky number too D: had fun dat day.kewl!

love you LOT!

coming birthday- Thong Li Mun on following monday.29 jan.i wish my purse is FAT now
haha.i owe THEM pressies.lousy friend i bout ferries wheel? XD

im saying you, magazine layout)

Put more& MORE time ON important projects.stop fooling around.I BEG ME!!!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

started off badly

Suffer from Serious BAd traffic today can you imagine once i got down the road, it means start from giant I SEE BAD TRAFFIC!!! I was stunt lar ofcoz because i got out at8.30 class starts at9 HEY DONT SAY I GO OUT LATE BCUZ I USE TO GO NPE WHEN I HAVE 9am CLASS and i manage to make it. It was smooth traffic back then, months ago?
HELL and after the 50cents toll i have to make a left turn to sunway via NPE. and imagine the traffic is so bad so i use the oops'emergency' lane lar! okay It was wrong but then i just wanto left turn and not like I potong then masuk the lane next to me! pissed me off the thirsty police stopped me. If he doesnt want to bribe, he needs so much time standing there and write the saman or not? its like 2 minutes or stg lar he stood there n write! somore threaten me saying INI KESALAHAN BESAR TAU,jika kena 7 kali lesen dibatal! sebab u P tau. HECK lar i off P soon lar U COME EVERYDAY AND STAND THERE SAMAN LAR IF YOU SO RAJIN!

backward malaysia.

Monday, January 08, 2007

holiday ends tonight!

Hey folks! holiday ends tonight, back to class on tomorrow!! its so so soon i tell ya alland im READY!!! well i HAVE TO LAR tomorrow will be a 9.00AM CLASS! so early CAN DIE. Well i hope i could get up and reach in time...with my mom's speaker volumn, should be okay.
This term will be hectic(yah all seniur said so) and after i got the timetable i was 0_0 ed.
oopss so these are the subjS: marker visual2, presentation& social etiquette, marketing lecture, marketing tutorial!, packaging design, publication lecture then tutorial again, effective advertising& design campaign! you see! seems like all advertising stuff ALL BLEND in 3 months. and all these are important subjects and very useful for the future i suppose. dot dot dot... just hope i can cope with all these 8 subjects! oh freako i can feel the tense already! *taking deep breath to cool myself down*

Current task on hand other than college stuff:
1. product shoot for valee carbon which is my dad's company. JUST saw his ugly product pictures on the website and I definately have to change the pictures. otherwise i wont feel good! have a look at those pic
although the clients don't bother how does the pictures looks but I cannot tahan ugly pics ON MY DAD'S COMPANY WEBSITE! i even thought of putting his picture on 'about us' but he's kinda low profile STILL i think he deserve his pic on his website! so today i went over and shoot the products. deadline will be nex monday so wish me luck i need to do editting from now on.

2.prepare to shift house. and buy deco, buy flowers but these and that for every corner including my room lah! doink...i think my head gonna burst everytime i think of my room. because i dont see anything yet in my slow please add some speed doink bcus when i see nothing i cant do anything u got wat i mean? its like u need to dress up first before u add on accesories. !!!!!! pisssced!!!!

reminder: not to overslept again!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

random food pix

I snap pics of food only IF I bring along my camera when i go heres some of them.white sauce shrimp& mushroom pasta. it looks better than the taste.
too dilute,it needs to be more KAO! @ california kitchen,klcc.

salad with bbq chicken. used to be my fav salad, but no longer interesting for me maybe some xtra spicy salad works for me...@ california kitchen

This is vegetarian rendang+bun @ the curve
the noodle i ordered is too vegetarian taste...i hate it i only love real juicy meat !

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE MOST MOST MOST TASTY MIXED FRUIT TEA! best citrus tea in 2006 ha! A must try tea consist of kiwi orange and apple and a tea bag!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

happy 2007 everyone!

Oh oh im kinda late for new year post BUT cannot consider as late though still second day of january!!! wohoooo!! 5th will be miss KOH WENG YAN aka BGURL's birthday! just wish her all the best here first! love you weng yan! As for new year, had fun with college mates at genting and some new frends too! watched a long fireworks and felt 'why is this fireworks display never end'
i got nothing inside. no exact happy feeling or watever I was screaming for nothing. my new year resolution is to fill my days in 2007 with all determination and action. Happy new year to everyone on earth i know kay!

-lucky i bathed on 1st day of 2007 at genting bcuz i collapsed after got home from dinner!
- i hope i can be more hygenic too!

With Love,